Poufs convertable bed and pouf

Pouf: why buy one

The pouf is a practical and modern design element, but we say the truth is not exactly indispensable. Many are its advantages and uses: we can make it a comfortable footstool, we can use it as a coffee table or as a practical chair, if we have somebody and we do not have enough seating. In any case, all these functions can be carried out by other furnishings: a sofa, a chair with a comfortable footrest, any coffee table. But then why buy a pouf? The reasons are basically two types.

The first reason is purely aesthetic: on the market there are poufs of different sizes, shapes and colors that can help to decorate an environment in an original and fun way.

The second reason, which is also what we are most interested in, is that there are bedspreads and poufs that can be easily opened easily and allow us to accommodate more people. This type of pouf occupies very little space, often have casters and can be put in the living room or in any corner of the house.

Convertible Poufs

When it comes to talking about a pouf of transformable beds and poufs it is understood that this item of furniture has a mechanism in it that can be transformed into something else if necessary. Poufs in this category generally have no particular shape or round shape, since they must be easy to open and accommodate another structure, and therefore often have the shape of larger or smaller cubes.

But exactly how can these poufs be transformed? These items can become practical containers, armchairs, chaise longues and beds if needed. Poufs transformable into beds will be discussed in more detail later. The type of pouf that can be transformed into containers is certainly the simplest since it has the structure of a box. Just lift the lid to place clothes or any other item.

There are then poufs that open and become comfortable armchairs with side arms. On the trade there are also poufs that can turn into beautiful chaise longues and give our living room a touch of taste and elegance.

Pouf bed

Of course the bedspreads and the transformable poufs can become practical beds.
The first thing to look at is that not everyone knows what this is about when talking about poufs, and very few possess one. The reason, to tell the truth, is quite intuitive: the function of a bed pouf is essentially the same as a traditional sofa bed. Moreover, while a sofa generally opens into a double bed, the pouf can only contain a single bed.

It is to be said however that while a sofa is a rather cumbersome piece of furniture, a pouf bed occupies very little space and can be kept in any corner of your home, ready to be pulled out when you need it or in case of emergency. When it is not open, you can always use it as a practical footstool or lounge table.

Ikea pouf

In the panoramic view of the transformable bed and pouf Ikea offers some pretty interesting design solutions, which is worth considering. Ikea bed poufs are functional and beautiful design items to see. They are made of materials such as leather, rattan or fabric to meet all tastes and needs of consumers.

Generally, Ikea produces poufs in combination with other lounge furniture, such as sofas or armchairs, but poufs can also be purchased individually. All Ikea poufs are designed to last for a long time. All the bedspreads, in fact, come with a lining that can be replaced at any time. Thanks to the presence of this lining, it is possible to coordinate the pouf bed with the rest of the furniture, even if it is decided to change the furniture.

Mondo Convenienza
Other interesting solutions, with regard to the folding poufs and the transformable poufs, are those offered by Mondo Convenienza. The poufs offered by this company are distinguished above all for their shape and elegant design.

Among the various proposals is the pouf made of eco-leather, the funny cubic shape. These poufs are available in countless colors and are noticed when they are not open, as well as for the original style also for their aesthetic value. In this case, the small dimensions allow us to keep the pouf wherever there is more space, not just in the living room but also in the bedroom, in the children’s room or in a closet. In addition to the Pouf Bed World Convenience also offers many types of transformable poufs, suitable for any need and event.

Poufs transformable beds and poufs: Poufs in price and convertible poufs

Now, however, we are talking about a bit of price: how much are the poufs and mattresses converted? Obviously the price varies according to the manufacturer and is subject to several factors, which take into account the type of transformable pouf and the materials in which it is made. In any case, one can find a common trend in terms of the average cost of a pouf. For example, a container pouf does not cost over forty euros if made of fabric or rattan. If the pouf is leather, the average cost is around one hundred and fifty euros. A transformable armchair in the armchair can cost around two hundred euros. A pouf transformable into a chaise longue, but also a bed pouf, has average prices around three hundred euros.

Published on Nov 12, 2017 | Cat: Bedroom | By Lisa