Modern coat racks

Modern clothes hangers
Today, modern clothes hangers are really so many. These decorative items are now also design elements that help to personalize and make your home original. Obviously, like any other furnishing complement, you have to choose a hanger that is in line with the type of furniture and the style of furniture in the room you intend to place it.
For those who love the shape of the classic hanger, today there are modern solutions that resemble those models, to remain in the tradition but with a new style.

Alternatively, there are other solutions for all pockets and for all tastes: wall hangers, bench stools, those with special shapes that make them look like decorations, the minimal ones that attach to the wall with special hooks, wardrobe, those with attached umbrellas, tree trimmings and many others.

Contemporary Wall Coat racks

Modern wall hangers are the ideal solution for those who have little space and can not therefore place a whole model. Today there are hundreds of different wall models. Among the most popular ones are, for example, shelf ones: it is a wooden or colored pvc shelf that hangs on the wall, then at the bottom are the hooks to hang the clothes while above you can use it, precisely, as a shelf for storing books and various objects.

These models with the shelf can also have another bottom shelf, which can be used to seat the bags or even as a bench to sit. Some, instead of hooks, have an auction where you can hang crutches. Alternatively, there are a multitude of wall models that are real design objects: pictures that look like paintings but have hangers attached to the bottom or metal supports of various shapes and designs, or still of mirrored plates or metal letters whose letters serve as a support.


The Valet is a typical men’s hanger that is mainly placed in the bedroom. Today there are so many versions of modern hangers for this essential item for every man. At present, the style that prevails for this particular type of furnishing is minimal: the silent servo retains original shape and lines but is made with different materials such as glass or chromed metal.

There are still wood models, but they have more modern shapes and are more robust and durable, suitable for a bedroom furnished in a modern style of course. Alternatively, they are on sale in many models of a bit more elaborate, always made of metal or even wrought iron: in addition to the classic auction to put on pants and back to put on the jacket, these models also have an auction longer to which another rod is attached to hang the clothes with the hangers; some types also have a space for small objects and a reserved area exclusively for ties.

Valet Price

There are modern coat racks of all prices and all pockets. Indeed, the minimal style that characterizes the modern trends followed by the manufacturers of these furnishing adds that the cost is often also reduced. For example, a wall hanger with modern and imaginative shapes can cost around 30 or 50 euros; those with the shelf or bench cost more, around 100 euros.

If you opt for non-wall models, then the price could go up: the coat rack can cost as much as 150 euros, while the silent servants of sophisticated material such as glass or metal can cost you up to 170-200 euros. Obviously it also depends on the kind of shop where you shop. Large chains of furniture have all kinds of coat racks at reasonable prices; If you want a more sophisticated and sophisticated piece, then you have to go to a specialist store that design design accessories designed by great furniture designers, but in this case, prices will tend to rise.

Modern tree coat rack

The modern hanger coat hangs from the classic ones only the initial concept: an auction with a broad base, from where several hangers go, on which hangers can hang. But the shapes, materials and fantasies used to make them are absolutely modern. Among the many examples of modern tree coat racks, there are some really singular, such as those formed by a bundle of auctions joined together in a central tangle, which then slides up and down: at the ends of these auctions it is possible to rest coats and hats. Otherwise, there are models that look like a tree all the same, even though stylized: from the main rod there are side rods that resemble branches and on these branches are inserted small leaves, similar to the ones where hang on for example hats. Today’s wooden hangers are mainly made of metal, or in wood, but treated and personalized with particular colors and colors.

Contemporary fashion coat rack

Modern coat rack designers are boasting to create more and more original and innovative models. On many internet sites where you can buy furniture on-line, for example, there are often models of really nice and charming shapes for those who want to give a touch of liveliness and originality to their home: a lot of joke, for example , is the match coat-rack, a formally-shaped support of giant match to hang on the wall. There are various hangers on which to hang the clothes.

Another striking example is the wires with various shapes: these are colored metal rods on which various figures, such as birds or flowers, are laid, under which the clothes supports are placed. In this way, when the coat hanger is empty, it becomes a charming decoration for your home, because it seems to have hanged on the wall with a pair of birds lying on it, or a branch of a flowering plant.

Published on Nov 12, 2017 | Cat: Furniture | By Lisa