Design coat racks, a useful complement

Coat rack design from floor

There are many types of hangers on the market. Those on the ground are the obvious choice if we do not have enough space on the wall or just because we prefer it to others. Usually these furnishing accessories are located in the entrances or corridors, places where we and our guests pass before entering the other rooms of the house. We must remember to place them in a comfortable and functional place. A ground floor coat hanger is characterized by various hooks and can be used for more accessories, not just for overcoats. Yes, now a hanger is also an object door of any kind, from hats to necklaces, gloves to umbrellas, in short it is really a 360 ° item to use. Over the years it has changed its image, transforming itself into a true complement of sophisticated furnishings. Among the ground models there are the original metal shapes that can be found on the various online sites, but there are also the more classic ones in wood, wrought iron and plastic (more suitable, however, at the offices).

Wall-mounted design coat rack

The most classic coat rack model is the one on the wall that can be chosen in many variants and materials and can even be made with DIY. A wall hanger if it is perfectly in keeping with the style of our home makes the environment more welcoming and well cared for. They are always the small details to give care to things, especially when talking about home. Thanks to the new trends, today you can choose different models. Among the most curious are those with figures of three owls perched on a branch (Seletti, 34.90 euros), a cat hanging on the wall (arts and crafts, 29.90 euros) or the one made with colored buttons (Kare € 74.90). But there are also more classic models such as stylized hooks such as Brushed Interdesign brushed nickel / chrome plated at 16.11 euros or Foppapedretti 4th Fender at 87.79 euros. Classic but timeless models. Ikea also puts on the catalog some hangers including Leksvik with five hooks at 9.99 euros, the Ryssby with five knobs at a price of 24.99 euros or the three knobs at 7.99 euros.

Wall-mounted design coat racks

Once we have finished painting our walls, we must proceed with the decor. One of the first furnishing accessories is the coat rack in order to make order and do not leave vests and coats scattered around the house. Wall hangers are an optimal choice for those who love design. There are many, in fact, the models and materials with which we can choose to furnish our home we want unique and carefully furnished. Accessories that have space on a coat hanger are different, we can hang coats and overcoats as usual, but also hats and scarves. Fashionable choice to hang necklaces and accessories of the genre. The style of the home we choose, so the more original it will be the more personal and perfect for the environment in which we decided to live. The materials range from wrought iron and wood (the most classic) to metal. Everything depends on what we dream about our space, then the material that best suits the already furnished environment.

Wall design coat rack

The wall design hanger is one of the many models and types we currently find on the market, the one preferred by many. A little for its practicality, a little for its never going to be fashionable, this furnishing complement gives style to our home and the room we decide to position it. We can decide to buy wall-hanging coat racks in a classic store of our city or use the net, so the online sale. Lovethesign is a site that has interesting and curious ideas for the coat rack, with the most strange models, such as the wooden button designed by Mark Pepper (32 euros), the Swabdesign Pince Alors (25 euros) or the Umbra signed Buddy by 20 euro. Another interesting site is the Arts and Crafts that offers a wide choice of curious and original wall hangers.

Design coat racks, a useful complement: DIY coat racks

Would you like to have a design coat rack that is unique and original, specially designed for your home? An interesting idea is to make this useful furnishing complement, giving space to your own imagination. Do you think the realization is too complicated? Not at all! The solutions are many, some of which are very easy to put into practice, such as taking an old wooden board to simply apply hooks; to make it more special, the hooks can be replaced by old cutlery, suitably bent, and here is obtained a fascinate padlock. But it is also possible to retrieve old knobs and place them directly on the wall, using structural glues or dowels that allow to withstand the weight of the garments. Another idea is to use a branch of a wall-shaped shape; to give it a different look can be colored in the preferred tint. There is no need to think of having to resort to costly or challenging materials, with little inventive, the result will be assured.

Published on Nov 12, 2017 | Cat: Furniture | By Lisa