Corner sofas, practical and versatile

Corner sofas with bed

When purchasing angle sofas with bed, it is essential to check the comfort of use related to the real use that needs to be done: occasional or permanent. The upholstered sofa is ideal in the living area to create a temporary guest room while in a studio room it is best to use a removable fabric sofa bed as a complement to use every day. In the latter case it is recommended to choose quality mattresses and mattresses with sufficient thickness, usually at least 14 centimeters.

Renovated depths marked by peninsulas, built-in chaise longues transform the corner corner sofa into a relaxed, relaxing oasis, where you can rest comfortably. Finally, the angular structure makes it possible to make the most of the space available in the living area or in the sleeping area, often giving the illusion of wider spaces.

Corner sofas

Some models of corner bed sofas allow you to pull out the bed without being forced to lift all the seat cushions and close the bed always “done”: thus saving time and space. When purchasing, check that the opening mechanism is fluid and easy. Above all, it does not need too much power to work.
Speaking of dimensions, it is immediately verified that there is room for opening in the room, but not only: corner corner sofas should be arranged so that it is easy to get up and get off the bed or resume it. In any case, before buying, we recommend testing everything: from the opening of the sofa bed to relax on physically for a few minutes.

Contemporary corner sofas

Contemporary corner sofa beds often reside in removable fabrics that make them particularly comfortable and functional in their colors that “light up” the environment and in some design touches. Just angular nature adds a further impetus to what is termed “modern”. However, their practical connotation should not be forgotten, so any furniture, such as tables, seating or armchairs, in front of them, must be light and easily removable. It may also be useful to have models on wheels. The new upholstered sofa beds, with the utmost comfort, are functional and durable, created to last in time not only for the quality of the materials used, but for the sleek, simple fashion design.

Ikea Corner Sofa Beds

In corner sofas with Ikea bed, you can place the chaise longue on the right or left side of the couch and move it according to your needs. If you love corner couches but do not want to spend a lot, Ikea proposes Manstad, an angular sofa that can also be a comfortable bed. Manstad is available in red, beige, gray and brown variants. It is not bulky and has a simple but practical line: in addition to becoming a bed Manstad has a comfortable compartment. The price – content – is the same for the beige and gray-gray version while slightly shrinking for the red or brown version. Practicality and great low-cost comfort, so Ikea, always with good quality materials.

Corner sofabed measurements

When we buy a sofa, we have to choose it definitely to match our taste in the shape and type of comfort offered, which depends on the mechanisms you possibly have, the cushions, the depth of the seat and the height of the backrest. But we also have to deal with the size and shape of the room where we will place it. The sofa measurements are not standard but vary according to models and number of seats.

Indicatively the depth of a couch can be between 90 and 100 cm, the width ranges from 150 cm (for the couch to two seats) to 180 to 240 cm. The total floor height usually comes to 90 cm. If we buy a model of corner sofa beds, we must take into account the size that will open once and make sure that they always stay 60 cm in front of the couch.

Corner sofa

The choice of a corner sofa can be the most interesting solution to provide a functional divide of spaces even when there are no walls to delimit them, as is often the case in modern homes that, due to lack of surfaces or a new way of living, are often structured with an open space composition. By inserting a corner sofa, or a sofa with chaise lounge, inside your living room, you can easily delimit the conversation area without having walls or dividing elements. A corner sofa, then, can be very comfortable because it allows you to have a good space to relax; If you add the possibility of turning it into a comfortable bed, this type of sofa can be considered the most comfortable and functional. Due to the ever-increasing demand for this kind of seat, all the most important companies in the sector, have included in their catalog the version of the corner sofa besides the linear ones.

An example of a corner sofa that shows a very practical and functional solution is the Milan Dennis sofa bedding, which adopts another opening mode than the most used for sofa beds. In this case, the Dennis corner sofa can comfortably turn into bed by rotating a seat element in a simple and fast way. Each seat element can be moved and used separately to make up your own sofa in a personalized way. It is equipped with polyurethane foam padding and feather for seats and totally feather for the backrest. It is available in fabric lining completely removable or ecological, with a wide variety of colors.

Corner sofas, practical and versatile: Corner sofas bed

Choosing to buy a sofa bed can be dictated by the necessity, perhaps when it comes to small homes, where you can not think of inserting a room dedicated to guests. In the past, sofa bed models available on the market were quite common and little original, being a solution seen almost as a backseat to solve the problem of having a bed more. Fortunately today, companies produce solutions that are able to combine the need for an extra bed with the will to include in their home a sofa that has a well-designed and modern design. The market has many alternatives to corner-sized transformable sofas, even in small dimensions, perfect for smaller sized environments. You can choose from classic models and more modern furnishings to suit your favorite furnishing style. A model that can be easily inserted into any living environment is the Divin Begin by REspace, designed by Renato De Lorenzo, with linear shapes, with a peninsula with a convenient storage space for bedding.

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