Ikea TV furniture, comfortable and modern

Mobile TV Furniture Ikea

After a busy day, the desire of many is to sit in the TV lounge watching the favorite program. When placing the furniture inside the room, the position of the television is binding. The winning choice is the wall equipped to organize a multifunctional space. The TV must be set up properly to allow good viewing of the images. The new systems are predisposed for wall-hung screens, but Ikea’s TV sets find different inspiration. They are available in different sizes and finishes.

The holes in the back of the cabinet remove the cables and the wires of the TV. It is possible to choose different colors and materials, to be coordinated with other articles of the same series. The home TV is present in almost any room and the TV carrier lets you place it where you want it and where it is more comfortable. Despite being modern and technological, it gives a definite character to each environment.

Ikea Cabinet TV Furniture

The Lack series of Ikea TV furniture has defined and essential lines. Different colors are available. They allow to create a stylistic contrast in the environment and dominate living space. The Ikea Lack mobile TV allows you to arrange the wires by clamping them on the rear of the cabinet, where there is an opening.

It is available in three colors: birch, white, brown and black. The stability of the furniture is regulated by the support leg, so if the floor is not flat there is no risk of resting the TV on a shaky furniture. It is cleaned with a damp cloth with water and a little concentrated detergent. The surface should not be left wet but wiped with a cloth. The Lack furniture fits into a modern type of furniture. The surface is painted and can contain a flat screen TV of 50 “.In addition to the shelf where to place the TV, there is another bottom shelf, where to place the decoder or DVD.The mobile is about 150cm long and is high 55 cm. Its presence can stand out in an open space stay and turn on the originality of the environment.

Ikea TV Furniture

Ikea always presents functional and practical solutions, and this is also the case with Ikea Uppleva TV furniture, which include LED TV, stereo and furniture. Depending on the space available, you can coordinate the wall by mounting the hangers, or by composing the cabinet by having access to drawers and doors equipped with a pressure opening.

The TV ranges from 24 to 46 inches, each piece must be purchased separately including frames to cover the TV screen. The price ranges from 1,200 to 2,000 euros, the difference in price is due to the size of the TV that you buy. The Uppleva system is designed to perfectly match the furniture you have in your living room.
It is designed by focusing on chromatic choices that favor white and black. To enhance the position of the complete Uppleva system, a wall is needed to install the system, because the TV does not have a base, it must be mounted on this furniture.

Assembly of parts is not difficult as the TV is secured to a bracket placed at the back, where all the TV and stereo systems are located inside.

Ikea TV support

“Ikea Large Flat Panel TVs and Furniture” are the latest novelty of the Swedish giant. From Ikea there is a wide choice of TV furniture and media, with different shapes, style and design, suitable for furnishing any type of stay, from classic to modern, choosing the most appropriate style for your needs. Just by changing the layout of furniture and redistributing accessories differently, the environment is pleasantly modified. Besta is the series of Ikea TV furniture, very practical and with fluid lines. It suits any type of environment and makes the most of available space.

It is not just simple TV cabinetry, but containers that can perform different functions, as well as support, even containment, in fact, some TV furniture are equipped with doors and drawers with harmonized closing doors that hold in order any item.

Ikea Besta Furniture

The Besta series is customizable according to space requirements. It is available in different sizes and finishes. Ikea Besta TV furniture also include wall units. This is a modular set, available in different colors. The wall is totally customizable, it is made up of overlapping modules where the base is the shelf where to place the TV with drawers and doors, while the top is occupied by hanging shelves that can be arranged vertically, horizontally, to climb as you prefer and fit the wall decor perfectly.

Linear and visually appealing, they allow you to eliminate the disorder and have everything at your fingertips. The chaos of wires and cables is hidden by a practical system that frees confusion from sight. The same applies to dvds, decoders and remote controls, with the tv’s Besta everything is set in place and watching television becomes a pleasure.

Ikea TV furniture exploit the spaces and take the problem of where to put the TV. More space and more functionality, these are the goals that inspired the Swedish home. The conversation area is organized around the television. The wall is equipped with suspended furniture and flat screen TV. The sofas mix in a somewhat unconventional setting but with a touch of modernity. The availability of colors and the ability to coordinate Ikea TV cupboards with other products in the same series allows you to use the elements individually or make a more complex and original combination. The painted surface allows for easy cleaning, and there is also the Ikea Ps (photo) metal TV cabinet model that combines the rudimentary industrial design with the beauty of a functional and durable furnishing complement.

Ikea TV furniture, comfortable and modern: Ikea TV mobile stand

The Swedish low-cost furniture giant proposes to its customers a wide range of furniture for the living area, always with an eye for quality and design, offering many valued alternatives that can be furnished in both modern and contemporary environments . In fact, Ikea places great emphasis on always offering furnishings that are in line with the latest furniture trends, but also classic design pieces, so that they can satisfy all the demands.
An example of traditional style furniture but with lines that allow it to enter contemporary living is the Ikea Stockolm TV cabinet made of walnut veneer with ash wood legs, perfect for bringing warmth to every room.
For those who, however, love modern and cheerful furnishings, the Mostorp can be chosen, in addition to either white or beige, in a pink high-impact.

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