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There is no home and there is no living room where there is no TV set. Bottom, top, best placed on a shelf, or carefully arranged, like a real family friend, TV is part of the furnishings of every home. With some luck, if you have the chance to change it, it is no longer a cumbersome object, but an elegant and sinuous lightweight form that, in addition to the benefits of aesthetic beauty, has the much more relevant ones to be handy and less impressive. Thanks to the reduced thickness and the smaller footprint, the screen, especially for appliances placed in the living room or living room, has been enlarged, improving image resolution and accentuating their realism.

The TV is not only available in the lounges, but often in the kitchen and in the bedroom, and despite its lower weight and dimensions, the fact remains that it is resting on a safe floor that does not run the risk of the appliance but especially to people. It is important that the television set is not in balance or in precarious positions. Equally essential is that it is not positioned too close to heat and steam.

TV Furniture Ikea

Furniture designers have worked hard to design and propose TV screens that are functional, safe, beautifully aesthetically and coordinated with any type of furnishings. It is relatively simple, thanks to the wide choice, to find a TV port that, according to size, style and price, suits each one’s needs, combining the needs of the taste with the objective ones of the place where the tv port with relative tv will have to be placed. Of course, one of the most appreciated solutions for the cost-effective price ratio is to pay attention to the Ikea furniture proposals, designed to fit in any type of furniture, from the modern and colorful, to more classic settings and traditional.

A good example of this type is the Stockholm Ikea mobile TV, made in a classically clean, classy style with winged legs and veneered walnut structure with veins that enhance the beauty of the furnishings to bring refinement and warmth to the ‘ inside each stay. This mobile can be used on a wall or as a valid partition for the living area, as it is well finished on the back. It has adjustable feet to be securely placed even on uneven linings. It is available in a fully enclosed version, or with openings in the middle part, and for those who prefer a lighter mobile in the beige version with legs always in solid ash left to the natural.

TV stand Cabinet

There are really many, both fixed and mobile. They can allow the TV set to be positioned at any height and space, and often the TV door adds a touch of personality to the environment like, and more, than other furnishing items.
The wall tv can be invisible, limited to supporting the television from the back, perfectly anchored to the wall. This solution is functional when space is small, in smaller environments, but can be the choice of a modern and essential d├ęcor that has its aesthetic value in a general context. On the contrary, a TV port can be made up of a real, important mobile device that accommodates the TV but also the objects connected to it, such as dvd players, gaming consoles or anything else.

These furniture items are designed to be comfortable and functional, allowing you to hide the countless wires that wind through the TV and other connected equipment. They are available in different heights because, especially when relaxing in a lounge, the best way to watch tv without getting tired is to have it at eye level and therefore in relation to the height of sofas and seats. The materials are also different in order to meet the different demands. It goes from classic wood, laminate, to more modern materials such as hardened glass and metal.

Ikea TV cabinets

There are several models in the Ikea TV series catalog, although the company does not offer simple wall mounts, focusing on full and versatile furnishings, which can also become real media systems, as is the case, for example, with the combinations Besta / Uppleva. This modular system is easily customizable, and its main feature is to integrate a television screen specifically designed in the TV cabinet, so that it is easy and straightforward to mount it, without any problems as to the passage of the electrical wiring. Additionally, the base cabinet is equipped with a dedicated dvd player and acoustic speakers for a complete multimedia system. There is also no space to integrate additional electronic equipment, such as, for example, a satellite decoder. This compartment can be closed with a special paneling that allows the infrared rays to be controlled with the remote without opening it. This Besta / Uppleva system has many versions and combinations, with the choice of a variety of finishes for the lining, so that Ikea mobile TV can be easily positioned in any environment.

IKEA TV stand

The designers of the Swedish company have to be very committed to studying solutions that make it necessary to have support for TV, something really comfortable and functional. Dozens of models, from the very small dimensions in size and size, such as the Lack console, minimal and very cheap, for sale less than 10 euros, with full furnishings that furnish the practicality and functionality typical of Ikea, like the Liatorp fitted wall, with flavor that resembles country-style beliefs.

In fact, it is also possible to choose a combination made with two display cabinets placed on the sides, with glazed surfaces in the upper part that point out the dogma back. At the center is the mobile tv, overlaid by a shelf structure that connects to the lateral furniture with a top decorative list. This mobile also has adjustable legs for better stability and the rear has a special hole that allows the rapid passage of the electrical wires.

You can find, among the proposals Ikea, small TV portions of the essential line, but always studied so that the details, seemingly small and insignificant, make the difference, like the Lisabo furniture, made with ash veneer with clean but simple lines of great effect. For greater ease of use, a downstairs shelf is placed on the upper floor where additional equipment can be placed.

The variety of materials helps to choose the TV port that best integrates into the style of the home and allows an equally great choice of colors, from the most customary to the more modern, to younger homes where joy and originality reign without inhibitions. An example is the Ikea Ps mobile, which can be used successfully as a tv-port since the bottom is equipped with a practical hole for convenient cable passage; this furniture has a metal structure that is well-suited to the fashion industry in the last period and can be chosen in white, but also in red or blue to bring color to every living room.

Ikea offers linear, high or low movable furniture, in which the television can be. All Ikea TV ports require simple maintenance and no special attention. Just wipe with a soft wet cloth or with a gentle detergent and wrap it with a dry cloth.

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