Fireplaces, guides to choice

Pellet fireplaces

Fireplaces designed and constructed with the aim of offering products with very high aesthetic and technological content, with total respect for the environment and guaranteeing a reliable and efficient service and guarantee. Buying a branded fireplace means combining it with a hearth, pellet or wood, that is, the “chimney heart”, its “body”. To do this, you can choose from the many designs offered by the company or make it custom-made. Pellet heaters make it possible to achieve very high savings, as the fuel is cheaper than any other source. Among the models proposed by the company, the Multifire 45 Air with Tonda or Piana, with cast iron burning stove and pellet box, the Nicolas 9kw or 14 kw a fully automatic multifireBio innovative system and the Zürich Aria a black-stove fireplace stove Multifire 45 Air or Hydro System. All models can work both with wood and pellets.

Palazzetti wood fireplaces

The fireplaces produced by the company provide three different heat distribution systems: by irradiation (through which the heat is accumulated inside the fireplace and subsequently released into the environment, avoiding raising dust and pollen) to air (in which heat is emitted through hot air flows) and water (heat circulates through a water plant making the ideal hearth for large environments). Among the models proposed by Palazzetti fireplaces for every need: Palex New Refrattario is built in refractory and internal light, available in versions 64, 78, or the Palex Ghisa C64 or New Ghisa (C80 or c96) with fire, drawer and grill in cast iron. Finally, the Ventilpalex 92 line has a canistered hearth equipped with a patented system that guarantees a perfect draft and a consequent saving of wood.

Prefabricated Fireplaces

Finally, the Palazzetti group proposes a wide variety of hearth coatings that are easy to design and build, to make the fireplace the most suitable for your home needs. The Easy System offers a large number of fully prepared modules, including all technical instructions and technical arrangements to ensure its perfect operation. The line includes a wide range of compartmental elements such as shelves, hammers (elements that allow to create niches, such as benches and bookcases), doorbells, light points and container compartments. The structure includes fire retardant chimneys covering the path of the barrel and shells, that is, the area where the fireplace is located. The elements allow you to have total freedom of composition and customization and allow subsequent addition of other elements.

Palazzetti fireplaces

All wood pellets and pellets produced by the group are of the highest quality and allow not to incur an excessive expense. Amongst the pellets with pellet and wood working, the most expensive is the Multifire 45 Hydro to Porta Tonda which has a price higher than 5000 euros. Available in the range of 3000 to 5000 euro, pellet models Multifire 45 Aria and the previous Multifire Idro but Porta Piana or the Econoblocco DX / SC, Exagone and double-sided wood burning fireplace. Finally, among the cheapest and at a cost less than 2000 euros, you can opt for Palex Refrattario wood models, Palex New Refractory, Palex Ghisa. Fireplaces Fireplaces: It is worth remembering that by purchasing a stove or fireplace from the company you can get tax deductions up to 50% of the expense sustained, making the choice even more advantageous.

Fireplaces Palazzetti

The company has been active in the design and production of fireplaces since 1972, having gained considerable experience in the field over the years, and has been expanding a prominent place in the Italian and international landscape. The group’s fireplaces are carefully studied to fit with remarkable results, both in classic and traditional environments, as well as in modern and minimal homes, thanks to the choice of many types of finishes and finishes that allow for great personalization. The hearths, made to be easily inserted into existing structures, are characterized by the careful design of all the elements, which make them highly productive and able to have a very high energy yield. These can be completed with the many available linings, both in traditional and modern versions, such as the Bilbao jacket.

Fireplace Palazzetti

navigating on the Palazzetti website, very complete and clear, it is very easy to find all the variants of the fireplace that can be chosen. There is a handy menu where you can put the features you want to narrow your search to just the models that fit your home, choosing the type of fuel, which can be wood or pellet, type of heating, air or water, the kind of hearth, you can choose between the models to be coated and those designed to be inserted into an existing fireplace to renew it and make it thermally more efficient and, finally, the price range of interest, starting from the models less than 2000 euros to get to those over € 5000. In the Palazzetti fireplace models under 2000 Euros, you can choose from those of the Palex line, made with open hearth, those of the Ecopalex line that have a closed hearth, as well as the Sunny Fire monobloc.

Palazzetti fireplaces, guide to choice: Palazzetti fireplaces

if you want to buy a Palazzetti fireplace that is able to heat even water, you must direct your attention to the Idro models, such as the 45 Idro insert, available with a round door or square door, or the Nicolas 9 Kw model, which stands out for the possibility of working with both wood and pellets. This model has a Multifire Bio cast iron cast iron hearth, it has an automatic fuel detection system that allows it to be optimized without any intervention. It can switch automatically from one combustion to another and is easily programmable for ignition. Obviously, this innovative, modern, highly efficient system has a fairly high cost, which places it among the models that cost over 5000 euros, but it has to be said that thanks to its high heat output it will be very easy to save on fuel consumption and heat optimally the whole home; For large spaces, there is also the Nicolas 14 Kw model, which, like the 9kw model, has a yield of over 90%.

In the same price range as the Nicolas Palazzetti, there are also the gas fireplaces produced by the company, objects of modern and contemporary design, perfect for those who want a fireplace that can become a particular piece of refined and refined furniture. The models are different and range from the Cosmo to Metro 130, which can be combined in different configurations, from the classic wall to the defined tunnel, because it is a two-sided, very original solution and perfect for larger spaces.

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