Modern fireplace, tips and models

Modern fireplace

There are a few things in the arena that can fill a room of elegance and style like a modern fireplace. Choosing a modern style fireplace in your living area will allow you to harmoniously fill the room, which will only add the least necessary. In fact, there is a beautiful fireplace to complete the decor. But how to choose the modern fireplace that best suits your needs? There are countless models available on the market from many manufacturers. It will not be difficult to find the right model for your home, the important thing is to choose a quality product.

The most sought after models are the modern wall-mounted fireplaces and modern corner fireplaces. Each fireplace is made up of two blocks: the internal block, that is, the part where the fuel burns, and the outside, made up of a modern fireplace. If the choice of interior lock is limited to the manufacturer’s own technical specifications, the selection of modern fireplace jackets is adaptable to your furniture with countless different solutions.

Contemporary wall fireplaces

The modern wall-mounted fireplace is a great use by interior designers. The wall-mounted fireplace is not only a beautiful piece of furniture, but it can easily become the hub of your living area, the place to reunite the family to enjoy its warmth and the evocative light produced by burning flames. There are innumerable open and closed models on the market, or fireplaces with a real interlocking door to isolate the flames from the outside of the fireplace. Many of them, in fact, are equipped with a kind of starter connected to a fan that aspires cold air coming from the outside and re-emits it in the environment after heating it, thus acting as a real instrument of heating for the home. If the “heart button” of the chimney, or the engine, is relatively imposed by the production house, the choice of modern fireplace is totally in the hands of the owners, who can choose from beautiful materials such as stone, bricks in sight, marble.

Contemporary corner fireplace

If the modern wall-mounted fireplace is the most popular model, nowadays a new type of fireplace is entering the Italian houses and beyond. It is the corner or corner fireplace. There are different types of corner chimneys, including the model we say “classic”, that is, the hearth enclosed in a structure of about ninety degrees, or another model widely used especially in recent constructions, the three-faced angle model fireplace. Speaking of the classic pattern, the corner fireplace is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who does not want to give up furnishing their own living area with a fireplace, although space is limited. In fact, the angular fireplace, exploiting the transverse arrangement, makes the most of the spatiality of the corner that comes to form between two walls that meet. Also, aesthetically, this solution is quite original and allows the entire interior to be completely independent of the fireplace, or confirming the angularity and making the living area very original, creating a kind of plate around the fireplace.

Contemporary fireplace mantel

A very important aspect to consider for installing a fireplace that is perfect for completing the style of the environment is what concerns the fireplace mantel, a fundamental element that characterizes the set and needs to be carefully chosen to avoid being with a fireplace that does not fit the rest of the furnishings. The materials used are different, ranging from classic stone, marble, steel to modern stone tiles with different effects, available in a variety of colors. The stoneware has the great advantage of being easily machined to obtain original and special coatings, which also reproduce different materials such as marble or wood. Another type of finish often used for modern fireplaces is plasterboard paneling, which allows framing the fireplace and creating very scenographic scenes.

Modern fireplace, tips and models: Contemporary corner fireplace

An important aspect to consider when installing the modern corner fireplace is that of the kind of fuel you intend to use; this aspect is fundamental because, for example, to install a wood-burning fireplace, it is essential to have a chimney in accordance with which it is possible to send exhaust fumes outside. In this case, the positioning of the corner chimney must take into account the position of the chimney; in the event that it is not in the corner, a convenient and economical solution is to use a plasterboard structure that can not cover the drain hose; obviously the position of the chimney will still be close to the drain, otherwise the fumes will not reach the outside.

If you want to install a modern corner fireplace, but you do not have the option of having a chimney, a modern and functional idea is to focus your attention on the new models of bioethanol fireplaces. kind of fuel, they do not need a chimney. An example is the photo model, the bioethanol fireplace with open hearth mounted on the HF Custom built by Ignisial Paris. The convenience of these fireplaces lies in the fact that they can be used in any home without the need to resort to demanding brickwork to create a smoke exhaust system, becoming an excellent alternative to multi-storey buildings. Another type of modern corner fireplace that prevents an installation near a drainage plant is the electric fireplace, which allows to heat rather large rooms and can be easily installed, requiring only a connection to the plant electric home.

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