Modern fireplaces, models and ideas

Modern fireplaces prices

Modern fireplace prices are very variable and depend on several factors, such as size, structure and material characteristics. Then it should be considered whether it is a fireplace in furniture, design, wall or other. The starting prices are, however, very affordable, ranging from less than 300 euros to furnished fireplaces, small furnishings to be placed in the middle of the room just as it was around a bonfire. Solutions of this kind are cheap but highly safe, as there are no open flames, but the fire is always closed inside the fireplace structure itself. For wall-mounted fireplaces, enclosed, with stone or marble trim and protective thermoveters, prices rise, and you can also get over 5000 euros.

Contemporary wall fireplaces

Modern wall-mounted fireplaces are certainly the most common ones, though they are different then for materials and design. They are decorative elements that create a touch of elegance in the living area, especially when they are characterized by modern design and innovative materials. Whether it is semi-recessed or fully recessed, what makes the fireplace truly elegant is the surrounding structure, which can be marble, bushhammered stone, thermo glass, or other insulating materials. Another key point that makes the fireplace unique is the position in the central, lateral room, enclosed in a fitted wall: the chosen location is crucial if you want to emphasize your own fireplace that, in the wrong place, might go completely unnoticed.

Modern fireplaces Photos

When you are looking for a modern fireplace, before the technical features you often get enchanted by the photos you find on the net. Just from these photos, who is looking for a fireplace for their stay or even for other rooms, can draw a lot of ideas. These devices can be wall-mounted, in the classical style, but also in many other solutions, ranging from the TV to the side, to the lateral positions, from the corner to the central ones, the solution, the latter, particularly suitable for large rooms. In addition to ideas and ideas for making or purchasing a fireplace, existing solutions photos help to “steal” ideas about how to decorate the context around.

Modern Fireplaces

The thermocamels differ from the chimneys because they have a room enclosed by a thermal glass or other type of door. They are perfect when you have children in your home, but not only: their modern facilities allow you to save on thermal energy, thus providing greater heat at a lower expense. Whether they are fueled with wood or pellets, or even diesel or LPG, modern thermocamels offer high safety and savings guarantees as well as being naturally aesthetically elegant just like a normal fireplace. Perfect for corner solutions, they are also very much used in both wall and side wall models, always offering an elegant decorative effect, especially when protected by dark glasses.

Contemporary fireplace mantel

A factor determined for the realization of modern fireplaces that furnish with taste and style the living area is represented by the type of coating chosen to decorate the structure. The commercially available proposals are varied, all designed to combine beauty and functionality, made of durable materials and easy to maintain.

A type of modern fireplace that never goes out of fashion is what is achieved with a plasterboard structure, a material that allows for extreme personalization of the decoration. The frame can then be made of metallic material for an underlining of the modern character. Many types of coating made of either majolica or stone are then available, which is processed in such a way that it loses its characteristic rustic connotation and takes on a contemporary tone.

Contemporary fireplace

Modern fireplaces represent much more sophisticated and efficient solutions than fireplaces some time ago. They guarantee high performance, sustainability and savings. They are also characterized by a remarkable aesthetic value, with extreme care for design, detailing and careful selection of materials. Valorize the environments, they are real furnishings. They are often distinguished by the geometrical purity of the lines and the essence of the shapes. The avant-garde technologies also allow to heat up large surfaces, in many cases there is no need to “integrate” with other heating systems. Gas fireplaces, in particular, can quickly heat an area up to 120 sqm, so even a whole apartment. Humid hot air prevents dryness from drying out into the air itself. In some models there is the possibility of adding balsamic essences and exploiting the heat of the fumes for the production of hot water by means of an installable heat exchanger that subsequently generally contains from 60 to 90 liters of hot water at a temperature of 60 degrees. In the picture a Palazzetti Methane fireplace with two glazed sides, available in left or right version. It comes complete with remote control and ceramic wood set. The interior can be in smooth black steel, black glass or cast iron effect.

Contemporary wood-burning fireplaces

Modern closed hearth fireplaces are specially designed to ensure clean combustion and efficient disposal of ashes. In the closed loop the fuel, which can be pellet or wood, burns in a controlled manner, ensuring a much higher yield than the traditional open fire. By using pellets instead of wood, the emission level is still 10 percent lower. Wood is still a very popular choice, especially for those who want to combine modernity with the charm of tradition. It is an economical and sustainable fuel. Its combustion is in balance with the environment because it releases the same substances it would release in the event of its natural decomposition on the ground. As for spending, however, the figures change little over time, they are always accessible and do not undergo the typical variations of other common fuels such as diesel and methane. In the photo a Mcz wood-burning fireplace, like all the other products from this company and belonging to this type, is able to bring heat to all rooms and even connect to the plumbing system of radiators and sanitary. In addition to the traditional natural convection mode, the Mcz fireplaces can be ducted (with Comfort AirĀ® system) to transport hot air to multiple rooms in the house. They have clean and essential lines and are both suited to the rich choice of catalog upholstery, as well as customized upholstery, made in harmony with their furnishings.

Modern fireplaces, models and ideas: Modern bioethanol fireplaces

Modern bioethanol fireplaces are increasingly popular. Bioethanol is a highly flammable alcohol that comes from ethanol and is completely natural as it is obtained from the fermentation of starches and sugars derived from corn or sugar cane. At the time it burns, it is completely odorless. Bioethanol fireplaces do not produce ash and sparks, do not provide exhaust pipes and do not involve masonry work. They do not need a chimney, which means that the heat produced by combustion is 100 percent available. Consumption depends on the power itself and on the combustion management capacity that is increasingly used in medium-high band devices through electronic systems that optimize combustion. Some models can be embedded in a wall, others hanging on the wall as well as paintings. Almost complete combustion and guarantees a very true flame effect. Maison Fire Aida, a modern wall-mounted modern sixteen-noni wall-mounted fireplace, complete with a graduated ladder for loading, lighter.

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