Ikea Spotlight

Ikea spotlights, practical and affordable

Ikea spotlights are not just practical and economical. The beauty is that they are above all able to make the atmosphere of the environment in which they are placed much more warm and welcoming. This is why, why installing them in living rooms or kitchens could fit on different fronts: in addition to furnishing, being energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, they will greatly reduce the cost of light bill.

That, of these times, let’s face it, never breaks. This is due to the fact that many of the Ikea spotlights, in fact, anticipate the possibility of being associated with now famous Led bulbs: those, of course, consume much less than traditional ones. But this is certainly not the only advantage of the ceiling or wall lights that bring the unmistakable signature of the Swedish giant: all the spotlights produced by Ikea, in fact, if placed strategically, will absolve the function of highlighting that ‘ corner of the room, that furniture or that picture you are so proud of.

Why opt for the usual and old-fashioned chandeliers, in short, when do you have the opportunity to choose a modern and effective decor complement? At this point, you do not have to choose the type of Ikea spotlights that would best fit the furnishings of your home and, more specifically, the environment that will have the task of enlightening.

Ikea spotlights, the most modern models

By browsing the rich catalog of the Ikea you will notice immediately, however, that some of the models produced have a retro flavor, while others are much more modern and minimalistic.

Let’s start by reviewing the latter. The Thermosfar version, for example, equipped with 5 chromed spotlights, may be perfect for your kitchen: placed on any island, or anyway on the work surface, will allow you to focus the light on the “area” that interests you most so avoid unnecessary waste of current. All the spotlights that are part of it are adjustable, among other things, so you can change the orientation at any time so that the light floods the point of the room you are in.

Great for a contemporary style stay, it would be the Fuga model. Even in this case we have to do with a ceiling light, but it is structured in such a way as to remember, vaguely, a chandelier. In this case, the four spotlights, generously sized, are framed by a transparent glass, which makes the product much more elegant and chic: the finishings and the chromed details, instead, give the model Fuga that modern touch that characterizes the ‘ appearance.

And for the bedroom? It is unnecessary to abound with too many light bulbs, since usually there is only one, so opt for something like the Basisk, a wall spot whose orientation is editable. Even in this model, the unmistakable chrome details make it a master.

Ikea spotlights, that retro touch that never breaks

All Ikea spotlights are conceptually modern, but it does not detract from the fact that some of them tend to revise in contemporary terms those that were the details that once featured most of the furnishing accessories. It is up to them that should fall back on your choice, so if your home looks a bit retro. Take, for example, the Ranarp spotlight, which has a clamp and can be placed in different ways: to differentiate it from the most modern versions, it is clearly the finishing touches.

They are not chrome, but “golden” in brass-like shape, just like the arms that were fitted with those pompous chandeliers of once. That is why this version of Ikea will fit your stay in the old age, marrying perfectly with dark wood furniture.

Instead, remember the Tisdag model, which is so much in vogue in the past, that it has the practical clamp that will allow you to position the spotlight where you think it best, depending on the activity you are devoting to.
It is chrome, but its structure is such that, in any case, it would easily adapt to a not really modern kitchen. The white version of this Led spotlight is also graceful, which in a rustic style kitchen, with light wood furniture or chipboard, could really make a great figure.

Ikea spotlight

Ikea spotlights are of various types: recessed, wall-mounted, with clamp. The latter have a clamp in the end that allows them to fasten them to the headboard of a bed, a frame, a mirror, at the edge of a bookcase, or wherever the thickness of the surface in question allows. They are very cheap, they cost a maximum of ten euros. Like all the other spotlights, they also give light on the objects that you want to highlight, such as paintings and ornaments, and effectively illuminate the areas of your home where you are cooking, take care of personal hygiene, work or take place other activities. Many of the spotlights produced by the Swedish company are also wall-mounted: with only one purchase you get a double option. The entire assortment is shown on the official website, with lots of photos and technical details as well as dimensions. However, keep in mind that some spotlights can not be purchased online, so after having identified them, you have to go to a point of sale personally. In picture the Varv spotlight with clamp, white, price 44,99 euro. Easy to fasten on the headboard of the bed as a reading lamp.

Spotlight Ikea

The range of Ikea’s spotlights is rather broad, how to orient yourself? Firstly, focusing on your own needs. The spotlights represent an increasingly popular lighting technology for indoor and outdoor environments because they are characterized by a modern and original design, while also perfectly integrating into a more classical context. Each type of spot is designed to meet particular lighting needs. The internal structure, which keeps the lamp holder, can be made of plaster, metal, steel or other thermo-resistant material and must withstand the heat of the lamp and the weight of the spotlight itself; the anodized aluminum or stainless steel flange adjusts the thermal dispersion and the turnable recessed projector allows you to direct the beam to the desired point. With spotlights, it is possible to illuminate precise points, obtaining optimum vision and enhancement. Ceiling lights are those that, compared to all other types, also offer a kind of diffused lighting. The light comes from above and can also give rise to very impressive effects. In the picture the ceiling lights Ostana, price 29,99 euro. Each spotlight is individually adjustable, so it can be used to orient the light in different directions. To be installed directly to the home power grid. Degree of protection IP21. Can be combined with other lamps in the same series.

Built-in Ikea spotlights

Among Ikea spotlights we also find several recessed models. It’s good to keep in mind that recessed spotlights are mainly used for accent lighting, that is, to facilitate the carrying out of activities taking place in a particular environment. They can be installed on different surfaces including plasterboard ceilings and ceilings, wooden panels, shelves, floors, walls, walls and all those surfaces where a hole can be drilled. Their structure, once assembled, comes out partially out of the wall thus giving life to an interesting game of light and aesthetics.

However, for those who prefer them, there are also total disappearing spots. The recessed spotlights can also be fixed or directional, ie equipped with a cone located at the bottom, allowing 360 degree rotation along the vertical and horizontal axis; in this way it is possible to direct the beam of light in the desired direction. In addition, directional spotlights can be either single or multiple, consisting of a metal body to which several wall-adjustable spotlights are connected. Inside the photo is Haggum recessed spotlight, interior / exterior, white. It can be used in all the rooms of the house, including the bathroom, and outdoors.

Published on Nov 17, 2017 | Cat: Lighting | By Lisa