LED spotlights

Where to use spotlights at home

LED spotlights focus on the objects that they want to highlight, such as paintings, objects and ornaments, and effectively illuminate the areas of the home where they practice various activities, such as cooking, working on computers, reading, playing.

In the living area, these LED luminaires emphasize the consistency of the walls, accentuate the paintings and improve the atmosphere of the environment in general, while in the kitchen if placed above the hob, island or peninsula perfectly light up the meals and the stages of preparation of the same. Also to make light in the sink area, it is advisable to use recessed spotlights directly on it. For the bathroom recessed or decorative spotlights mounted on the surfaces are recommended, especially for baths larger than 10 meters.

Recessed led spotlights

If you want to give a warm and evocative atmosphere to your home, the recessed spotlights are an interesting solution to enhance your style of furnishing. It is essential to check at the time of purchase that the material inside the spotlight will be able to withstand the heat that the lamp transmits when it is in operation and its weight. To avoid overheating problems, the area between the slab and suspended ceiling should be at least 20 cm so that air circulation is good. Fixed spotlights are available on the market; the latter allow rotation along the vertical and horizontal axis, so as to direct the light cone in the desired direction.

Exterior Lighting

LED spotlights allow you to optimize the exterior environment in the best possible way: by placing them at the right point, alongside a plant or a hedge, they help to emphasize them to the fullest. By developing light games it is possible to enrich both the garden and the vegetation. You can also opt for spotlight solutions to vary the direction of light according to the needs of the moment. You can choose from countless types of spotlights: the choice varies according to the type of space, the size of the environment to be illuminated and the light requirements. Finally, it is essential to properly evaluate the style of the light source: it must be in line and well integrated with the surrounding design so as not to create effects that paradoxically could disrupt the outdoor area, which is unpleasant.

Tips for buying LED Spotlight

The LED, whose acronym means Light Emitting Diode, generates a kind of lighting that is not only sustainable and energy efficient, but far more durable than any other option. The “life” of a led can reach up to 100,000 hours, with an average of ten years of constant running time, against the approximately 5,000 hours of a high pressure sodium lamp. As far as LED spotlights are concerned, the value for money is remarkable since the higher cost is immediately offset by low power consumption, lighting density, and durability. There are many spotlights on the market to suit every kind of need.

They are made with a structure that matches any type of material: brass, glass, wood, chrome plated steel and are easier to dispose of since they do not contain mercury, are environmentally friendly and do not need any special treatment in the elimination phase of the product. Ward off the inexpensive ones: they are not of high quality. As already mentioned, the slightly higher prices of these devices are offset by notable and long lasting performance.

Lighting tips

Whether you are small or large, in a villa or in an apartment, you can not miss the lighting. There are various ways to give light and very beautiful spotlights, especially led lights. Especially in indoor environments are discreet and add a touch of class and style. As much as you can see and where it’s more convenient, even built-in led spotlights help to lightfully or gently illuminate the interior and exterior of the home. In the gardens, if positioned in the most suitable places, they can create very beautiful atmospheres, in the shadows of the trees, inside they create warmth and intimacy. Choosing the type most suited to our needs is not difficult, in the market we find all kinds, elegant and simple, of different shapes and different costs to satisfy all tastes and every pocket.

LED spotlights guide to choice

Spotlights are able to direct the light on the areas and parts of the home or exterior that we want to highlight and which we like to give particular importance. They also serve to illuminate the environments where we work, without resorting to a central light that can disturb those who are at the same time in the room. The LED spotlights give considerable savings on electricity consumption and thus decrease the amount of bills. They respect the environment and use only where we are interested in doing so, besides being discreet and imaginative. In addition, the quality of LED spotlights is clearly higher than that of halogen lamps used predominantly in the past. The choice on the market is very varied and well suited to the various lighting requirements, both indoor and outdoor. In addition to ensuring a reduction in power consumption and consequently savings, the duration of the LED spotlight is long, even if it is subjected to harmful agents. For those who want to respect the environment is the best solution.

Recessed spotlights

A very good solution for the interior and exterior of the dwellings are the spotlights and in particular the led spotlights. The features are saving, respect for the environment and beauty, in this case it is possible to illuminate the rooms if there are false ceilings or in any environment where you want to illuminate with utmost discretion. In a bathroom, for example, the lights of the chosen color can illuminate and create a very pleasant and relaxing color effect. The same is true for other house rooms, for walls, which can highlight with recessed led spotlights areas for an aquarium, for example, walls made to be planted. Great visibility for both home and office and medical practice, where you can choose from a variety of colors. Elegant and respectful for the environment are very cautious in detail and respond to the need for light with great discretion.

The LED technology

The theology in the realization of headlamps and LED spotlights is the same and in the same way you respect the environment and there is a reduction in the electricity bill, as well as the guarantee of a longer lifespan of lighting systems. What distinguishes a lighthouse from a spotlight, as the words themselves suggest is the size. In fact, the headlights are designed for large environments with large outdoor lighting. Perfect for creating optical effects for public entertainment venues and nightclubs or for setting up salons where you can party and dine in joy. In eternal environments their use is suitable for important lighting, as can be emphasized the fa├žade of a villa or a work of art. Similarly, if we want to illuminate a fountain and create magical atmospheres with water games, the lighthouses of the colors that make up the most are the ideals. No shortage of shapes, round, square, oval or variable in size, both headlights and spotlights can fulfill our needs in the best way.

Published on Nov 17, 2017 | Cat: Lighting | By Lisa