Kitchen Spotlights, How to Choose the Right Model

Lighting in the kitchen

The choice of the lighting system in the area of ​​the stove and adjacent spaces is primarily due to the relationship between the kitchen and surrounding environments: in a more traditional scheme, the room isolated from the dining room and the living room will offer greater freedom of movement in the definition of the details aesthetic, but will probably require “more light”; within an open space, reasoning should take into account the number and appearance of the light sources already present. The decisive factor, in both cases, will be the technology chosen, which will help guide the designer in deciding on the quantity, shape and type of support of the lights.

Panzeri’s Golden Ring conciliates in a single object the design lamp charm with the versatility of the led system designed for a broad target. Unlike the classic kitchen spotlights, the 80cm diameter base is projected into space with a rounded aesthetic that incorporates furniture design. The product comes in two standard colors, white and gold leaf, with the possibility of requesting specific dyes.

Based on Dali / Push dimmering technology, with direct and indirect LED emission, the Golden Ring extends its expressive potential thanks to its modular range of sizes available: 120, 180 and 300cm diameter versions can be combined with the bulb small or assembled to obtain customized solutions.

Kitchen spotlights

In a more orthodox concept of kitchen spotlights, the solutions centered on the attachment to a mounting rail provide vaguely industrial and non-secondary consideration – facilitate any inspections and replacements of damaged light sources. Bruck produces the Duolare (230V) two-phase track system, designed for both halogen lamps and LED lights. Designed for power up to 2 x 2.2 KW, it does not require transformer use and has a section that only measures 18 x 18 mm.

The advantages of the Duolare system are also derived from the choice of the vast repertoire of supported spotlights: Jack, halogen lamp on aluminum body, satin glass (white) diffuser and spherical joint; Scobo, surface in four variants (chromed mirror, matte chrome, black, white painted wet) halogen lamp on aluminum body and hinge integrated into the head of the lamp; Silva, halogen lamp on brass head with spherical knot, blown glass diffuser in two layers – white satin finish and glossy varnished exterior (Blue Magenta, Orange-Yellow, Cream, Crystalline, Smoke, White); Star, halogen lamp on brass head with integrated hinge (axis of orientation: 90 °, rotation axis: 270 °) and welded cable to the bulb holder; Act, chromed mirror surface (black or white variant), led light; Tulle, chromed mirror surface (black or white version), led light.

Kitchen LED spotlights

If the project involves a false ceiling – to house a technical volume or reduce the size of a room too high – kitchen spotlights are likely to be built-in type: embedded in plasterboard, flush with the outside surface, will focus the light spot in a synthesis lightened by any added finishing. By sacrificing something in terms of functionality – compared to the external supports, in the event of malfunction becomes more demanding the inspection of the attachments and the lamps – you get a diffused illumination integrable with other systems (suspended, from the ground) without overlapping between finishes and shapes different. For example, in the case of a kitchen conceived as a kitchenette inside a living and signaled through a stretch of ceiling, it is preferable to choose devices with simple and rigorous lines. In the Olev catalog, a brand specializing in LED lamps, stands out the elegance of Ghost Big, plaster-square recessed spotlight featuring a large bright surface (10.5 x 10.5 cm; total size: 15.5 x 15.5 cm ) and from the sandblasted glass diffuser.

Kitchen Spotlights, How To Choose The Right Model: Kitchen Spotlights

The installation of cooked kitchen spotlights does not imply the renunciation of the creative flick of the details. You can opt for models that claim a “physicality” of the light source, encased in small, but significant design compositions. In the presence of media highlighted by plaques and frames, the chromatic reflections are part of the game of referrals with materials that refine furniture and appliances, helping to make the bond between the decor and the lighting system more tight. Artemide provides a fixed recessed solution in which spotlights, with a diameter of 8.6 cm, are connected to two or three groups by means of a special white faceplate (sold separately): Rastaf 86, a device with steel body, fitted for 12V halogen sources and equipped with accessories that allow to disassemble and replace lamps without tampering with the false ceiling.

Published on Nov 17, 2017 | Cat: Lighting | By Lisa