Car shelter, protective and beautiful to see

Car shelter

Protecting the car is a true “mission” for thousands of peoples, especially when it comes to a vehicle just released from the dealer and you want to keep it in perfect condition for a long time. Car sheds, although they certainly do not have all the features of a real garage, are still able to repair a car from precipitation and are an excellent means of avoiding damage caused by hailstones, which happen rarely but are lethal .

If you have some outdoor space, you might want to consider building a car roof yourself using a modular kit for sale in DIY centers: you will find piles, crossbars, treated beams and cutouts with everything the material required for assembly. For roofing it is not possible to use tiles in terracotta or concrete because the sections indicated do not support the weight; Alternative solutions range from polycarbonate to rigid, to aspen panels and more. If you do not want to work hard, there are a number of companies specializing in the supply and installation of car roofs, wood or other materials.

wooden Car canopies

Wooden car roofs are always highly appreciated for their use as an effective car shelter against sun and weather, as well as as an element that combines the best aesthetic needs and practical needs. A car box with side walls or wooden grilles also allows you to create an area dedicated to relaxation and hobbies in your own garden. Such structures are sometimes used for positioning solar and photovoltaic panels. Before starting any kind of work in the garden, do not forget to go to the offices of the town hall to inform you about any permits to apply for and obtain.

Iron Canopies for car

When the car is not parked, you can take advantage of car shelter by using them in other ways, maybe for a barbecue or dinners, or for having tea or drinks in the afternoon on sunny days. Iron racks are also suitable for this purpose and specialized companies offer them to meet the most varied needs. MetalSystem has iron canopies with hot-dip galvanized support and / or staining with thermosetting resins. Among the various models you can choose the best solution for any need. These iron canopies are provided with material certifications, workshop technical drawings and calculation reports.

Iron roof for car

The solution offered by the car roof racks is one of the most interesting, as the cost of the material is contained and the structure can be tailor made to cover even large spaces if you intend to accommodate more cars below . Obviously, the material must be carefully selected and, above all, its degree of protection must be evaluated as the shed will be exposed to weather, rains, snow, wind and thermal swings, from the stormy winter climate to at high summer temperatures.

To be a solid and durable element over the years, the iron canopy must be carefully protected with special paints or galvanizing processes that help to remove the risk of rust, a factor that can compromise stability and also cause serious problems. For those looking for a more worked solution, wrought iron can be the solution, making the canopy a real complement of furniture.

Car shelter, protective and beautiful to see: DIY car shelter

Anyone who loves manual work and has some experience in DIY can also decide to dedicate himself personally to the construction of his own car roof so that he can independently run the structure by determining the size and shape it needs to take. Surely the simplest way is to make a wooden car roof, when this material allows it to be cut and machined with great ease. All you will need is wood beams, screws, bolts, hammer, saw and screwdriver. For those who do not feel safe in the preparation of the necessary beams, commercial kits are available where the beams are supplied already cut to size, requiring easy assembly.

Obviously it is good to carefully check the location where you decide to position the bearing structure, verifying that the floor has the resistance required to avoid sagging.

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