Wooden veranda, advice on buying a wooden veranda

Wooden veranda

The veranda was created as a space for the extension of the house with the aim of creating a part of a dwelling in which to enjoy moments of relaxation and nature, sheltered from the cold and the weather. Many materials for the realization of the structure: aluminium, PVC, wood.

The wood can be used in solid or lamellar solution, which allows to have lower thicknesses and greater performance in terms of resistance. The cladding of the wooden veranda is always characterized by glass to allow the environment to be sprayed with external light.

Wooden verandas

The cover of a wooden veranda can be characterized by anti-slip glass sheets that are fixed to the beams by means of aluminum profiles with sealing gasket or lamellar beams for a blind solution. In both cases, it is important to have proper insulation to avoid internal overheating.

In general, it is also necessary to provide an outlet for rain water reclamation and evacuation on the ground.
The upstairs part is characterized by partly fixed panels partly removable and sliding or swinging openings, which allow to get closed spaces in the winter and totally open in the summer. The solutions available for making a wooden veranda are many, as this material requires a simple machining and can be customized to customize your space.

Wooden Veranda Permits

When you intend to create a wooden veranda, it is essential to first inquire at the municipal technical office about what permissions are necessary to proceed with the installation of the artifact. In fact, any additional element that is anchored to the ground causes an increase of volume that must be declared to the municipality and for which it is necessary to obtain an authorization before it can be realized.

Since this structure is an intervention that modifies the shape and increases the volume, usually, it is necessary to request a permission to build before proceeding and with it will be paid the relative charges required by the municipal tables. Some administrations, in order to streamline the practices for small-scale interventions, allow to apply through the submission of a DIA (statement of Commencement) that allows, if the municipality does not pronounce otherwise, of Start work after 30 days from submission of the application. For these reasons, before starting the construction, it is good to consult a qualified technician who will carry out all the necessary practices.

Wooden verandas

This type of veranda is very often used to obtain a widening of the living space, especially when the surface of the dwelling is limited or narrow; The verandas, in fact, allow to project outside part of the house, perhaps setting up a conservatory in which to arrange the plants and flowers that cannot withstand the harsh temperatures and, at the same time, insert a sofa or chairs to enjoy the Hours of sunshine during the day. If the wooden verandas are built in a shrewd way, predisposing the closing panels and foreseeing the glass parts, they can be cozy and comfortable even when the outside temperatures begin to descend and, failing that, they do not It would continue to take advantage of the outer space of your home.

There are also those who, then, decide to place a small kitchen in a veranda, in order to avoid spreading vapours and odors within the entire house.

Wooden and glass verandas

There is no doubt that one of the most appreciated and successful combinations for those who want a veranda is the one that involves the combination of wood and glass, materials that allow to obtain a solid and lasting structure. Wood is a natural material endowed with a good coefficient of thermal insulation, a factor that allows you to have a well insulated veranda without needing to resort to particular insulating materials; Obviously great care should be placed in the assembly of the different elements, which must not allow the passage of hot or cold, going to frustrate the good insulation generally guaranteed by the wood. Another factor that contributes decisively to establishing the degree of comfort of the veranda is the one related to the choice of glass, which must be equipped with a good thickness, better if in a watertight chamber or of a low emission type, so that they help to avoid trade Thermal with the outside. The glass can be used both for the walls that, wanting, for the cover, greatly increasing the brightness inside the veranda. In the latter case, of course, + is even more important to choose high-strength glass, such as those used for roof windows, so that they can not be ruined by atmospheric agents.

You can also decide to use a mixed cover where glass elements and wooden parts coexist, to have internal zones with different brightness. The wood, of course, to be always efficient and maintain its integral structure must be subjected to special protective treatments, which, in some cases, must be redone periodically to avoid a progressive degradation that can affect the whole Veranda. The glass frames can always be made of wood, or, especially in the case of the cover elements, in resistant aluminium, unalterable material that does not require maintenance work. Using these devices, the wooden and glass verandas will result in a practical extension of the house, allowing you to have very comfortable and comfortable rooms.

Wooden veranda, advice on buying a wooden veranda: Wooden veranda prices

When you decide to create a wooden veranda, one of the fundamental aspects that can make the choice towards the construction of this practical structure is certainly the one linked to the cost of realization. This element can be quite variable depending on a series of many factors that take part in the realization of the work; In fact, it is necessary to take into consideration the size of the wooden veranda, the type of structure you want to realize, whether with closed doors or openable elements, if you choose simple or high-performance glazing with low emission glass. Even the structure’s conformation assumes its importance in defining the final cost of the wooden veranda, as if there is a need to realize particular elements to follow a non-linear trend the cost will be greater. To give an indicative figure it is possible to say that you can start from about 150 euros per sqm for simple and basic structures with fixed doors and simple glass, of contained dimensions and linear trend to figures that can reach 400/500 Euro per sqm in the case of large verandas Dimensions with openable elements and glass with good insulating power.

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