Ikea floor lamps, light and design

Ikea lamps

In a home furnishing design or a work environment, one can not help but consider lighting as a constituent element. In fact, nothing like good lighting can give the environment the right atmosphere. Considering the various lighting solutions, the lamps are a smart and versatile solution. In particular, floor lamps offer a diffused or concentrated light to emphasize a particular corner of the environment or object. If floor lamps are generally considered as light spots in addition to the traditional ones, it is true that they can turn a banal environment into a more interesting and scenic one. They are a piece of design and are often chosen for their aesthetic appearance. In this regard, it is useful to consider Ikea’s proposals, which offers many solutions, with different materials and different features. All with great value for money.

Ikea Stand Lamp

The Ikea floor lamps can be fixed, swivel and double or more with reading light. Among those fixed are those with indirect light and those with direct light. The former create general lighting and can also be used as an alternative to chandeliers if the ambient to light is small and we want a soft light. The most celebrated of this group is Not, a powder-coated steel flooring and a white propylene plastic shade at a modest price of 7.50 euros.

With the same features is Resele, which instead has a glass lampshade. By purchasing Kroby, you will have a blown glass mouth shade, virtually a single piece, for only 24.99 euros. The other lamps create a light that does not spread and are indicated for the enhancement of other furnishing items. Among these are lamps with fabric lampshades that leave free light up and down, like Arstid, or those with a full-height paper lampshade like Rutbo.

Ikea floor lamps

If we need to direct the light at various points depending on the moments, Ikea orientable floor lamps must be considered. Among them, there is always a metal platform in steel, and a mechanism that allows the orientation of light according to our needs. For example, beside a couch, such a lamp allows you to read comfortably if directed to our book, but also to illuminate a higher point if we have decided not to read more. This is the case with Antifons, Kvart, Hektar and Ranarp, all solutions whose price is around 50 euros. In keeping with the new technologies, Tived is also among the proposals, which is equipped with a LED light bulb and requires minimal space. Not bulky is also Uppo, with adjustable arm and head. A very interesting solution is also Brasa, adjustable lamp with two-level light intensity adjustment.

Ikea Floor Lamps

Among the multiple-light proposals the most numerous are double-light: One light bulb points at the top, while the other tip at the bottom. It is the case of Not in the double version only 15.99 euros or Tisdag that looks like a lamp a bit ‘ retro ‘, but with a LED bulb that saves 85% energy and that lasts 20 times more than incandescent bulbs. However, there are also three-light versions such as Knasjo. Interesting is Kvart with three lights adjustable separately, with which we can decide whether to turn them all or just one. Tived with three lights, on the other hand, combines the wide flexibility of the arms with the energy efficiency of LED bulbs. A speech aside deserves Ikea Ps 2014, a brilliant lamp. A steel support is combined with a polyamide lampshade with holes created to project nice shapes on the walls. The beauty of the lampshade is that simply angle you can switch from a reading light to a more atmospheric. In addition, the excess cable can be hidden in the base of the lamp. Ikea suggests to insert photos, images or poems into the slit of the lampshade to create custom effects.

Ikea floor lamps, light and design: Vintage floor lamps

Who is looking for special solutions for the lighting of their home, in the large Ikea catalogue, will have the possibility to find various models of different floor lamps, also elements with vintage taste, perfect to give a strong connotation to Every room. An interesting model in this sense is the floor lamp Ikea Anvangen, which seems to resume the lines of the old street lamps, with a black metal structure as a basement and a lampshade in Matt White glass, perfect for spreading a warm and welcoming light. Its price is 64.99 euros. Another model with a vintage charm is the Arstid lamp, available with chromed and gilded base, with white fabric lampshade and chain for ignition. It costs 39.99 euros. Those who prefer an atmosphere with an industrial taste, will not be able to appreciate the Ikea Hektar floor lamps, available with a black finish or bronze colour, for those who prefer a less contrasting shade. This lamp costs 49.90 euros.

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