Ikea wardrobe cabinet, opinions, dimensions, tips

Ikea Wardrobe

The innovative solutions of Ikea wardrobe give us the possibility to create customized spaces and to solve with style the problems of space within our sleeping area: Always modular and modular in different shapes from different finishes, there They allow us to design what we need.

Always paying attention to the functional design, aesthetics and details, Ikea cabinets seems to know in advance what needs the end User: practical furniture, functional and usable at 100% with many interior accessories and accessories to make the head spin! Specifically, the Swedish company proposes shoes, hooks for every type of element to hang, baskets, enclosures, trinkets and much more, all to be discovered inside the stores or, even without moving from home, on the internet site where it will You can view the complements produced by Ikea to furnish your bedroom with style and functionality.

Ikea Stolmen

The cabinets of the STOLMEN system are represented by a minimalist structure, consisting of tubular steel, of great visual impact, with elements closed and others per day, which allows to adjust in height up to 330 cm. In fact, the base of this composition for the wardrobe consists of two vertical poles that are fixed to the floor and ceiling, and by compression remain blocked. Between the two vertical elements you can choose everything that we want to position: tops, shoe holders, clothes racks, objects in fabric that descend from the coat hanger, very practical and spacious, furniture and much more.

In This we have the possibility to build our perfect structure for the wardrobe, easy to clean, to keep and always ready to use. Only attention: not suitable for situations with ceiling in plasterboard. In fact in this case you could not fix it, so better opt for a different solution.

Ikea Wardrobe cabinet design

A walk-in closet can be very comfortable and functional, inside a house, and represents a relatively recent novelty.In fact, once there were few houses that could afford a space, usually quite large, from be to wardrobe was a luxury reserved for a few.

Today it has become almost a custom to design a wardrobe space even in a rather small domestic environment, such as an apartment or attic. The reason why no one wants to give up his wardrobe space is probably because it is really very functional.

The solutions to realize it are many and depend, as well as the functionality required and the spaces available, also from criteria of aesthetic order and style choices. The cabins can be made in different materials, placed in the hidden corners or become protagonists in open environments, positioned in beautiful view, as real environments livable in a house.

Ikea Cabinet Wardrobe

An Ikea cabinet looks like a space dedicated to the orderly arrangement of clothing and clothing accessories, with the help of furniture items such as sliding drawers, special coat racks, handkerchiefs, harnesses, hoods, cushions, and so on.

It can have the size of a whole room, even wide, fully equipped, or be positioned in a smaller room; can be achieved by dividing a room to obtain a special area or arranged in a corner of the room.

The functions that must fulfill are basically two types:
– hold, well-ordered and visible, all garments and clothing accessories, for him and her, often in separate dedicated spaces;
– serve as a dressing room, as a space dedicated to dressing and sometimes to make up.

Wardrobe equipment

What is the ideal place to place this storage space? A unique answer does not exist and choice depends primarily on the available spaces. The most frequent location is in the bedroom or in an adjoining space. Another very used position is in a hallway or in a corridor wide enough to hold an open wardrobe, when not even two, facing each other; or between two rooms and in this case serve as a wardrobe for both.

An original solution is to place it in the center of an open space so as to function as a partition between environments. The walls can be made of masonry or plasterboard, wooden boiserie, with self-supporting frames and various coatings. Container spaces can be left open or protected from dust and moisture by glass, methacrylate, wood doors, which open to the door, book or slide over each other.

However, the soul of a wardrobe area is represented by its space organization, each devoted to performing a specific function and studied for that purpose.

Wardrobe accessories

There are numerous standard equipment and accessories for the Ikea wardrobe to be placed inside the wardrobes, which can be combined according to your taste and needs.
There are a lot of accessories to choose from, and if some items are left to taste and personal style, others are absolutely necessary to keep things in order thanks to their specific features. Among the indispensable accessories are:
– Clothes hangers for shirts, dresses, coats, jackets, trousers;
– Shelves for storing linen, towels, knitwear and sweaters;
– Drawers for T-shirts, socks, underwear;
– Shoe, racks or shoe boxes.
Not essential, but very useful, may be:
– removable luggage holders and pull-outs;
– cappelliere;
– climbing coat hangers that allow you to take up space in height;
– wheel elements.
If the wardrobe area also has a locker room, we can add:
– an armchair or a chaise longue without armrests, or a pouf;
– a carpet, to be able to move barefoot;
– a full-length mirror.
An important final element is the lighting system, which can be represented by spotlights above the cabin elements itself, or in the false ceiling, or by a specially designed wall or ceiling lighting system. Very suitable light bulbs for this environment are those at 12 Volt, halogen or LED, low voltage, either because they produce little heat or because they do not alter the colors. It is important to match the colors and shades in a harmonic way and therefore it is imperative to be able to see them well.

Ikea cabinet prices

Of course not all the wardrobe have the same accessories and the same size; This type of storage cabinet is very versatile precisely because it can adapt to the needs of each and present a specific and unique conformation. For this reason it is not easy to talk about closet prices, as many factors can influence the cost to be supported to equip your home with this useful complement.

Ikea cabinets are an excellent solution for all those who do not have a very high budget; In fact, the company’s furniture can be purchased at low cost and guarantee good quality at the right price. Of course, even in the case of Ikea furnishings, prices will also vary considerably in relation to the composition that you decide to make and the accessories that are added to the basic modules. As is customary, however, the furnishings of the group allow the maximum personalization and the possibility to keep the final cost low.

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One of the most famous Ikea storage units is certainly the Pax collection; Given the great modularity of these elements Ikea, on its site or directly in the stores, offers to customers a special planner that allows you to configure the best of your wardrobe. Whether it’s a real walk-in closet or an angular wardrobe, Pax allows you to study the solution that can furnish any environment with rationality. For those who have ample surfaces, with Pax can have practical shelves to complete with many accessories. Those who do not have enough space to set up a real walk-in closet, can fold on the choice of hinged or sliding doors that complete their Pax wardrobe; Inserting an angular element can still have considerable space for your garments.

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