How to clean the Blinds better

The shutters are not elements that are cleaned every day as the floors but also need occasionally, with careful cleaning so that the dust is removed in any corner of their surface. It’s not a recent job, we have to make it clear, and it’s not an operation that we like to accomplish but when we decide to do it, we must do it with all the goodwill possible and with certain arrangements to avoid scratching or ruining it. If you are lucky enough to have a garden and then live on the ground floor, cleaning the blinds is much less complicated because even though we pour a large amount of water for their rinsing, we do not bother anyone because the water falls in the our property but if we live on a high floor, the blinds we have to wash them in a different way. We see together what are the real ways and the many solutions to fulfill this task.

Clean the blinds if you have a garden
Having a garden, of course, is much easier in cleaning the shutters because after having soaked them well, you can use the water pump to effectively rinse at least outside. If these are old plastic shutters, close them well so that no slit is left open. Place a good amount of degreaser detergent in a bucket and then immerse in the bucket a soft broom and shake the water. With a movement that goes from top to bottom, give yourself an energetic wipe to the shutters and then with the garden pump, rinse the shutters abruptly outside. Inside, you will not be able to do this because of course the environment would be flooded. At this point, open the shutters by keeping them low and with a ladder, reach the top of them, and with a dry fiber bundle, pass the punch in the cracks trying to dry them. Change the time whenever you bathe. If with your fingers you can’t get in well in the cracks, help with a stocking iron. Do the same thing outside. Once all the cracks are perfectly dry, close the shutters and pass a damp piece over the surface. Let it dry to perfection and then wipe it with a woolen cloth on which you will splash the polishing liquids for furniture, wipe the entire interior and exterior surface. You can do this, though the shutters are made of aluminum, and if they are made of wood, you have to be more careful because the wood has the ability to overcome the water and the shutters may swell.

Published on Sep 13, 2017 | Cat: Window | By Lisa