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Modern villas projects

If you are on the lookout for modern villas projects, one of the most important aspects concerns energy consumption and energy class membership. In the most modern and up-to-date designs and constructions, the energy class excellence is class A, which will prove to be more expensive in the process of completion but will save us in the medium to long run.
Heating under floor heating by geothermal energy is one of the many examples of functionality applied to the energy class. This type of heating causes the hot air to rise from the floor and keeps it in the middle-low part of the room, which is the ideal height for tenants to enjoy the heat generated. Moreover, it is not uncommon to find modern projects in villas that do not include photovoltaic solutions. And if you fear that installing photovoltaic panels reduces the aesthetic impact of the home, nothing scary: the solution is in the use of photovoltaic tiles, apparently very similar to the common tiles but at the same time equipped with the ability to absorb solar rays .

The exterior of a modern villa is an extremely important aspect since it is the first image that a guest will have in our home. At least as important as the interior of a home, the exterior of a modern villa contributes to greatly raising the value of the property.
First of all, a modern luxury villa should have an independent yet discreet entrance.
The photos of modern villas on the web or in the specialized magazines emphasize that the latest tendencies favor simple, minimal lines, with a particular preference for geometric shapes, leaving room for the softness of the curved lines.
The union of very different materials will be decisive in order to harmonize materials such as reinforced concrete and teak, marble and glass wood.
Stained glass windows are still an extremely desirable detail, at least as much as the pool, which, in its maximum expression, should merge with the terrace at the level.

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