Wall-mounted wardrobe in plasterboard, comfortable and functional

Wall cabinets

The wardrobe is a furnishing element indispensable in every dwelling or work structure, its realization depends on many factors also in relation to the subjective requirements. One of the best solutions in the context of the furniture is the wall cupboard in plasterboard, it is a practical and innovative idea that allows to make the most of the spaces even in situations linked to difficult and limited amplitudes.

The creation of such a structure, can be decided either in the construction phase of a building or in the restructuring phase, because it is an element that can be adapted in any living circumstance while maintaining the existing design intact. The plasterboard is a material that allows the realization of multiple furnishing solutions in every type of space and style, it is very simple to work and has its main characteristic that of being light to not weigh the seal of the slabs especially In homes or condominium offices.

A wall cupboard can be applied in spaces considered dead of an environment e.g. between a pillar and a corner or in the lower parts of a mansard or even on a wall of limited size where it is difficult to insert a traditional closet. You can also decide to create it in a wide space, taking into account the measures available and realise it in relation to your housing needs.

Wardrobe in plasterboard

The drywall wardrobe also offers the possibility to personalize the finishes according to the housing style, then apply the closing doors that match the furniture or the interior doors while maintaining the same architectural design.A wall cupboard can also have the characteristics of a room, especially in rooms with attic where you can foresee its total use allowing the entrance inside the structure where a large auction hangs clothes, a chest of drawers To select the effects of clothing and shelves to store towel or shirts carefully folded.

The n design phase, it is possible to create a wall cupboard in plasterboard that can be partitioned in a single environment and that provides access from both sides with two different access doors with key lock to maintain the privacy of the rooms. Even in a local as the bathroom a closet can find application because usually this type of environments have limited size and would be a viable alternative for storing bathrobes, towel, slippers and other personal effects using the Maximum unusable spaces by creating a custom-made wardrobe without overinvading the trampling area. Another useful solution could be adopted to create a pantry cupboard with the creation of adequately reinforced shelves to withstand a greater weight and store food and accessories of the house possibly near the kitchen compartment for Easier to use.

Building wall Cabinet

A plasterboard wall cabinet is a great solution to redefine space in the most functional way, even taking corners that could not be furnished with traditional furniture. The realization of a wall cabinet can also be done autonomously if you like manual work and DIY. In large DIY centers you can buy everything you need to build a plasterboard cabinet, such as panels, available in different sizes and thicknesses, the most common ones being 1cm thick and measuring 120 cm x 200 cm. Other indispensable elements for the construction of a gypsum cabinet are the metal frames that will be anchored to the floor and walls to have a structure to screw the panels with the appropriate screws. To complete the construction, they will use a special mesh, filler to fill the joints and the doors that will act as a closure for the passage compartment.

How to build wall cabinet

To build a wall cupboard in plasterboard it is good to prepare a preliminary project that allows to determine the exact amount of materials needed. Once you have purchased all the necessary material, it is time to start with the installation of the metal structure to which the plasterboard panels will be screwed. It is good to proceed quietly, checking the linearity with the help of a level; The metal elements must be fixed firmly to the wall, to the floor and to the ceiling, to recreate a room within the chosen premises.

At this point it is possible to proceed with the application of plasterboard panels, which will be cut out of the right size. When the whole structure has been closed with the panels, it is possible to finish, with the application of the putty and the special mesh to eliminate the joints between one panel and the other. This is the only way to assemble the doors that will close the wall cupboard, which can be sliding, to save space.

Wall cabinet

This constructive solution allows to create a container space that is not bulky to the view, as the wall is linear, being the enclosure enclosed in it. Obviously, in order to achieve this, it is necessary to have the right space, which guarantees the possibility of setting up practical shelves inside and that does not make the passage uncomfortable. A wall cabinet can be one of the best solutions to take advantage of the unused space of corridors and entrances, in this case you can even think of making a low-depth element so you do not steal too many centimeters in the paths. Of great importance, then, is the realization of a good interior trim to the closet, choosing shelves, coat racks, drawers and all those elements that guarantee the exploitation of every single centimeter. Plasterboard is the ideal material, even if you want to make the wall cabinet inside a corridor, as it allows simple machining and the ability to create walls of reduced thickness, thus making full use of the containment spaces.

A container cabinet of this type is perfect to hold jackets and coats, to accommodate shoes and objects, so that they have well-organized and orderly spaces. The dimensions of a wall cabinet can start from a depth of less than 50 cm, in this case it will be more convenient to use it as a small storage room with shelves, so that you can fully utilize the height, to get to real cabinets with wardrobe depths greater than 150 cm where you can easily access. This type of solution can be a good way to arrange cleaning supplies, perhaps placing it in the kitchen, trying to use any corners or recesses; versatility and personalization are two of the main features of this type of furniture, a factor that allows it to be placed in different contexts.

Plasterboard cabinets

Carton is made up of a layer of quarry plaster covered by two sheets of cardboard resistant and adherent. It is economical, functional and above all it works easily: for these reasons, in the past, it has been a great success especially when it comes to splitting the home. Then he went through a period of half-forgetting and now he is back in his favor, but he gets even more consents than before. It is used again to separate the environments but also to make furniture of various kinds. First of all, the wall cabinets. Plasterboard wall cabinets are fast and solid solutions for modern homes and, given that the latter often have a limited size, allow you to leverage undercuts as well as corners and areas that would otherwise be virtually useless. Plasterboard is modeled according to individual needs, takes any form you want, it does not impose any particular limitations. Internally, it can be equipped with extreme freedom, ie designed with shelves, doors and sticks; As for color, you can decide whether to keep the white base or opt for another shade. The choice is definitely vast, although most users opt for neutral finishes. Plasterboard is sold in panels with a standard size of 1.2×2 meters, but other measures may also be found. The difference is mainly in thickness, which varies according to the application. The most common one is 12.5 mm.

Plasterboard wall cabinet, comfortable and functional: Plasterboard wardrobe

Choosing a plasterboard wall cabinet is very advantageous because it is versatile and economical. Plasterboard is a material that works easily, so a high level of customization is a natural consequence. It is true that you can build a wardrobe yourself, using DIY, but it is also true that turning to industry professionals can result in even more satisfying results. With regard to the doors, you can opt for sliding panels or doors with classical opening. In the first case, the same principle of metal guides is used, according to which the door slides horizontally; in the second case, however, a special element for folding doors, such as hinges and fastening screws, is required. We recall that the plasterboard is extremely resistant to moisture and this means that your wardrobe, as well as the accessories, will be protected in the best way. The structure of the furniture itself will not tend to stain and / or deform. Always for this feature just illustrated, you can place the closet in any home environment, including the corridor, without having to cultivate useless fears.

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