Sofas and sofas, how to choose the right one

Sofas for the living room

The sofa, when it welcomes us at the end of the day or in moments of relaxation, must give us the optimal comfort. But also to guarantee our body the right support when we sit down. And, last but not least, integrate harmoniously with the rest of the furniture in the room where we will put it. In choosing the right sofa for us, able to respond to our needs and our taste, there will be different factors that will guide the purchase: colors, materials, shape, ergonomics.
The new Flexform Evergreen sofa resumes and develops a model already in the catalog. With a sober and elegant look, it is a system of upholstered furniture composed of modular seats (sofas, chaise longues and poufs) with metal frame covered in leather, armrests and back in polyurethane. The seat cushions are in feather with inserts in non-deformable material, the feet in metal and the removable cover in fabric or leather.

Choose sofa

There are sofas and sofas: on the market the range of proposals ranges from classic to contemporary and minimal models; the coverings can be chosen among fabrics, leathers and eco-leather. There are corner sofas, equipped with chaise longues, modular and can be combined with poufs and armchairs in the same style.
So before buying a sofa, it is good first to ask yourself which style suits you and your home: classic or modern? And again: how much space do you have available to place your upholstery? Measure the size of the room and expect that there is enough space around the sofa to move easily.

Buying sofas

Ask yourself also that you will use the sofa. Among the sofas and sofas offered by the market, you will surely find the one that is right for you. If you need an extra bed for guests, you can think of buying a transformable model. If there are young children at home, however, remember to choose an easily washable or stain-proof fabric for the upholstery, in order to preserve the quality and appearance of your upholstery for a long time.
Remember also to check that the sofa is accompanied by a guarantee of at least two years and that you can find the replacement liners for the ten years following the purchase.

Sofa covering

The differences between sofas and sofas also depend on the material with which they are upholstered. If you opt for the fabrics, you will more easily have a removable sofa. The quality of the fabric coverings varies from the type of yarns and from the compactness of the weave, which also depends on the resistance to wear over time. The upholstery of the sofas in cotton, linen and natural fibers should be pre-wet (ask at the time of purchase), so as not to risk that the coating shrinks after the first wash.
If you choose the leather for the upholstery of your sofa, the best quality leather is of European origin (thicker and with less imperfections). The most valuable type of skin is called “full flower”, obtained from the upper layer of animal skins, and presents, visible to the naked eye, wrinkles and grain changes typical of unrefined material. The “full-grain” leather presents grains of breathability. Then there is the “flower” skin, with a smoother appearance and a napped effect, treated with natural oils and waxes. The leather used for the upholstery of the sofas can be sanded and deprived of imperfections, or tanned with chrome and therefore less valuable, but cheaper.

Modern sofas

The compact shape and sharp lines design the fabric in an asymmetric way. The padded items are characterized by embossed stitches that retrace the perimeter of the seats. The structure, in foamed polyurethane, has a coating particularly soft to the touch, the result of a coupled combination of fabric and wadding.
Roche Bobois wears the Mah Jong modular sofa, designed by Hans Hopfer in 1971, with the new Missoni Home fabric collection. Exuberant lines, zig-zag decorations or floral motifs enliven the mattress seats that have been the symbol of comfort on the ground for more than 40 years. The Mah Jong is made in Italy, in a specialized laboratory, through processes and techniques similar to those used in high fashion atelier. Stitched like a mattress, each element is unique, each hand-made seam, each carefully controlled finish.

Among the novelties by Living Divani, Rod is a padded sofa with a thin back and a light body, on which are placed soft and comfortable cushions, embellished with visible buttons and quilted details. The feet are in chromed steel. To meet the needs of consumers, Living Divani offers the possibility of requesting a different covering for the cushions and the body, combining the finishes as desired, to obtain two-material effects (fabric and leather) or two-tone.
The Rod family of upholstered furniture includes a two-seat sofa, a three-seater and an armchair, to better prepare the living area.

Sofas and sofas, how to choose the right one: Corner sofas

One of the most popular solutions for modern homes, especially those designed with an open space layout, is represented by the different models of corner sofas. Thanks to the angular progression, this type of sofa can be used as a dividing element, without the need to use masonry, which would lead to a decrease in the degree of brightness. Often these sofas are equated with sofas with chaise lounges, but a corner sofa is differentiated by the fact that the back is on both sides, which is not usually the case for models with chaise lounges. It is often thought that this type of sofa can be inserted only in large rooms, but companies, always attentive to current trends, knowing that today’s homes have compact sizes, have provided numerous models of corner sofas of fairly small size.

A very interesting example is the Dennis corner sofa by Milano Bedding, a modular model that allows you to choose the most suitable configuration for your home. This sofa is also easily converted into bed to get the best; the elements from which it is composed can be rotated thanks to the special joints, so as to be able to easily obtain an extra bed. For greater comfort, the cushions are made of goose down padding and a special polyurethane foam insert that improves and strengthens the seat. The backrests are made entirely of goose down. It is possible to choose between fabric, leather or eco-leather upholstery in a wide range of colors, so as to match the sofa to your taste and style.

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