Classic lounges, a choice of style

Classic lounges

They are harmoniously inserted even in today’s homes, making refined and timeless elegance a protagonist of the rooms. The classic salons that we find on the market are made up of a wooden or tubular metal frame, and then padded with different density polyurethane foam. The consistency of the seat and its greater or lesser hardness depend on the density of this material.

The sofas with classic lines generally have a rather massive structure, with soft and sinuous shapes, high arms and back, for greater comfort. The armrests end with a swelling outwards that gives the idea of ​​the “classical swirls”, just like the backrest. The materials used for the upholstery of these sofas vary from the fabric, more or less valuable depending on the reference price range, to the leather. In choosing the type of skin, we must consider that over time, the decay and degradation of the natural material is normal and will give particular charm with a sense of lived to this life partner, who will present lines, cuts and excoriations. All added value to his experience!

A distinction must instead be made between “natural leather” and “faux leather”: the first material is of natural animal origin, the second is simply a polymer created to aesthetic imitation of the former, of lesser value as the mode of evolution of degradation in time will be different and with loss of value unlike natural material.

Classic fabric lounges

The classic salons generally come in two places, very comfortable. The evolutions of these basic typologies consist in the implementation of the shapes at the dimensional level, adding seats: we will then have sofas with three, four and more seats. These types of comfortable seats can be developed in line or with corners: it can be a model of “L” sofa or in cases of wide spaces even “U”.

In both cases the development of the sofa is still classically distributed with armrests at the beginning and end and with high backrests to rest. There is also the possibility to assemble the appendages to our sofa block: these can be poufs, footrests, extractable elements from the sofa structure.

In the classic living room, like the style, the color also follows the traditional model: generally you avoid bright and bright colors, to lean towards less saturated shades such as burgundy, brown, ocher and classic shades.
As for the upholstery used, it is possible to choose between fixed sofas, not removable or types that can be undressed and therefore also more hygienic given the possibility of being washed in the washing machine. The advice if possible is to buy a replacement coating: in this way it will be easier to immediately remove and cover the sofa, to clean the support, that is, the covering fabric, without having to leave it undressed and then leave the mattresses and pillows to dust.

Classic lounges, a choice of style: Luxury classic lounges

Those who decide to furnish a classic style living room will have to take into account a large number of elements that, together, contribute to giving a luxurious and refined look to the environment. For those looking for superior quality furnishings, with elaborate decorations and lines, attention needs to be paid to luxury classic living rooms, designed to combine the best materials, chosen among the finest, with a unique and unmistakable style and design. The sofas of this type are distinguished by sophisticated shapes, precious details, such as carved or decorated feet, as well as finished with special finishes of great effect and precious materials. This living room stands out for the capitonné work on the outside of the sofa, a detail that underlines the great care taken in every object designed by the brand with the idea of ​​producing furniture suitable to bring class and elegance in any context. The Fendi Casa proposals are characterized by the constant search for a perfect balance between every little detail and for a balanced combination of retro style and modern taste. The Plaza sofa is modular and is made with the use of the best leathers; the seat is comfortable and deep and is enclosed between armrests with defined lines, to give comfort and comfort even with an object of great refinement. It is possible to choose between different colors, so as to set up a classic living room of unmistakable beauty.

Published on Dec 18, 2017 | Cat: Living Room | By Lisa