Shabby chic sofas, elegance meets romance

Shabby chic sofa

The shabby chic style has also conquered Italy. “Shabby” means “unkempt”; the meaning of the second word, “chic”, everybody knows it and is decisive in order to understand the peculiarities of this style. All the elements of the furniture are characterized by a vintage and at the same time romantic impression, from an idea of ​​”used” which, however, has nothing to do with negligence and improvisation. On the contrary, the result is always characterized by elegance and refinement. Shabby chic is welcoming, familiar. And the shabby chic sofas are really able to make the living area special.

They have light and delicate colors; white prevails and neutral shades like beige and cloth, but also pastel shades (sky blue, candy pink, cream yellow) are perfect. The upholstery is always in fabric, the shabby chic sofas are rarely made of leather. You choose between the solid color or floral patterns, but the flowers are not large but small and discreet. Some models are also enriched with lace and lace. As for the size, if it is true that the most popular are the 2 or 3-seater sofas, it is also true that for some time now also attracting much larger ones, which reach 6 seats or even more. And the angular shape is much more in demand than a few years ago. In the picture a shabby sofa by Chateau D’Ax, removable. There is the possibility of inserting a comfortable bed also in this angular composition.

Shabby chic sofas

habby chic sofas have personalities to sell, no doubt about that. They never go unnoticed and even represent a key element in defining the style of an environment. Thus they play a very important role from an aesthetic point of view, even though they are never too imposing and never “obscuring” the other furniture and other accessories. On the contrary, they always value the whole. At the same time, they are comfortable and functional sofas, which welcome and envelop, immediately giving back a deep sensation of relaxation.

They are padded and soft. Evaluate whether to approach them in armchairs, even in the same style; the ideal combination is rather with poufs, coffee tables, cushions (decorated or not), rugs, also to prevent the room from being too full. Because even this must be taken into account: the shabby chic sofas are placed on a front exactly opposite to the minimalist sofas. The contours are soft, the shapes are anything but essential. In the photo the Rivoli di Cantori linear sofa: it has a structure in solid wood and shaped plywood and the seat padding in polyurethane foam, the seat cushions and the backrest are in feathers and dupont rollofil. Tailored fabric lining, tone-on-tone or contrast-toned tailed perimeter (completely removable); also available in the sofa bed version.

Shabby style sofas

Shabby chic sofas are inseparable from the cushions. Because the cushions allow to increase the level of comfort and increase the sense of welcome. They can have the pillowcases combined with the covering of the sofa itself or be characterized by different and lively patterns, thus turning into a note of color that enhances the whole. The same goes for any pouf, also very welcome and pleasing elements in a shabby chic style. Do not be afraid to “abound”, the important thing is to always preserve good taste and sense of measure. In the picture we show you the Sweet Home sofa by Maisons du Monde, in 100% cotton fabric and removable to ensure optimal cleaning. Adorned with numerous tone-on-tone pillows, the 3/4-seater sofa Roma creates a welcoming and convivial atmosphere.

Shabby chic sofas, elegance meets romance: Ikea shabby chic sofas

Also in the Ikea catalog there are several shabby chic models: the ideal solution for those who love this style but need to contain spending, and at the same time do not want to give up quality. In the picture we show you a sofa of the Ektorp series, also available with chaise-longue. The seat cushions are padded with high resilience foam and polyester fiber wadding, which offer a comfortable support and easily regain their shape when you get up. The back cushions are reversible padded with polyester fibers and provide good back support. You can place the chaise-longue to the right or left of the sofa and move it according to your needs. A choice of coordinated covers (and machine washable at 40 degrees, but it is recommended not to bleach and not put in the dryer) allows you to easily renew the product and at a very limited expense. The comfortable ottomans are part of the same line, as you can see. Shabby chic sofas will be increasingly in demand in the next few years, we are sure. And the reasons now appear more than valid. They represent an added value are many points of view.

Published on Dec 21, 2017 | Cat: Furniture | By Lisa