Wooden walls interior, Wall design ideas

Wooden walls interior

They are really less used in our homes for large-scale materials such as blocks and bricks for the construction of dividing walls inside the house, but if we think so well, the interior wooden walls would surely have more heat given by the its intrinsic character, aesthetics, relaxation and peace due to the naturalness of the material.
If we did not have this idea in time, we can go to padding by making coatings on classic parts in wood materials, such as using slats or panels.
Very modern and up to date the wood fits perfectly to every solution even the smallest ones making it very special and characterizing them in style.

Wooden liner for interior walls

Having wood interior walls guarantees energy and immeasurable comfort, given the characteristics of wood, a natural and unique material that respects the needs of the person in all its naturalness.
If you have not been able to install your interior wooden walls in your home, you may want to coat somehow the surface of the inner wall with wood to make it as natural as possible.
An example of this is given by Parklex coatings that can be placed on any surface both floor and wall and ceiling, for a delightful total look look in natural wood.

Published on Sep 18, 2017 | Cat: Interior | By Lisa