Plastic furniture: the style of polymeric design

The evolution of materials
Throughout the centuries the materials used for the construction of homes, furnishings and accessories have evolved more and more from classical woods and metals to first plastics, to the ever-more technological and load-bearing materials that make them unique.
Today, in fact, more and more objects and more and more elements are made of plastic material.
Furniture fittings and plastic furniture are present, if we stop looking at each other’s home.
A seat, a stool, a coat rack or just a shoe, make our seats comfortable, functional, practical and why not, young.
Modern design goes more and more to plastic, enriching it with the name, meaning and indispensable function. We discover together what are the most particular design objects made of plastic.

Practical, functional, lightweight and modern, plastic furniture makes ours unique, simplifying life on one hand.
Even small objects and furnishing accessories are increasingly involved in plastic production: there are many examples to offer, as in the case of Plust Collection by Euro 3 Plast with its Godot organic coat rack. Godot is a mix of art between the organ and the arborescence, simplifying its lines and leading them to the most distinct functionalism. A lightweight, practical, functional item that delivers style and taste by attracting all the attention.
Another practical and functional element with elegant design is Reverse, always from the company Plust Collection by Euro 3 Plast. This jar is characterized by a double compartment that allows the use of the larger compartment or flip-off, of the small size according to the size of the plant that is to be inserted inside.
In addition, two or more paired elements can become divisors for very pleasant and special spaces.

Published on Sep 18, 2017 | Cat: Furniture | By Lisa
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