Ikea bathroom furniture, a solution for every space

Ikea bathroom furniture catalog

When talking about Ikea bathroom furniture, the catalog of the Swedish company, leading in the home furnishing sector, offers furnishing items of all kinds. It goes from washbasins and mixers to mirrors and furniture. In the Ikea catalog, therefore, you can find all the solutions you need with furniture and furnishing elements that can satisfy all your tastes and needs. Among the bathroom furniture there are those for the washbasin, but also wardrobes, stools, containers and all the other furniture that serve to arrange and embellish the room. The washbasin cabinets are placed under the sink and are very comfortable. They are often provided with doors or drawers, where you can keep the towels or hygiene or beauty products that you use daily. Very useful also the classic cabinets and even the laundry furniture where to settle the dirty cloths waiting to operate the washing machine.

Ikea bathroom furniture prices

For Ikea bathroom furniture the most varied prices. Of course everything depends on the type of furniture you want to buy, even before the model and the bill of the same. For example, a washing machine on the Lillangen line has a cost that starts at 99 euros, depending of course on the various features. A stool with a container costs about 25 euros while for the bench you can spend from a minimum of 32.99 euros for the Molger model, up to 64.90 euros for the Hemnes model. Even washbasin cabinets have very different prices depending on the type and the model. A Fullen line car costs 19 euros, while other models can even exceed 300 euros. At the price of the underlying furniture you must also add that of the actual washbasin. Only in this way will you have the total cost of this indispensable element in every bathroom that you respect.

Published on Sep 18, 2017 | Cat: Bathroom Furniture | By Lisa