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Contrast Colour for walls
When renovating a home it is important to choose the right tile that will be the base of the furniture. Wall-to-wall color adapts to neutrality requirements, which can be used as a backdrop for furniture that will be classic as well as in case the end result will be modern. In fact, the wall can be harmonized with the furniture that recalls tradition using wood tones or the right contrast with contemporary-colored furnishings.
For any room you can achieve the right combination of nuances and contrasts that color swatches naturally enhance. To get rooms with a relaxed atmosphere and quiet tones, the lighter color is still more suitable. A twisted, sober color and natural and quiet tones will make your home warm, welcoming and enjoyable to live.
Dove Color Wall
Choosing the colors of the furnishings in your bedroom is essential in order to enhance the furniture in general and the natural light that comes from the windows. For those who love lively colors on the bed, with decorative bedspreads and pillows, they can always make the overall ambience from an aesthetic point of view with tantalizing tones, using an average covering fabric, which neutralizes the brightness, enhancing the vision as a whole.
Bright colors such as green, yellow or red with the turtle will make an original and personal result. Anyone who wants an unmistakable atmosphere can use white bedspreads that, with curly tents, will create a fresh and clean air.
The gray turtle color turns out to be an ever-present shade, and in fact, in modern furnishings, it is often used for its lesser coldness than other gray tones. This color is perfect for decorating a living in which you want it arranging modern furnishings but at the same time referring to natural elements, perhaps made of natural wood with rough finishes.

It is also a well-indicated color for sofas and upholstered linings, even with square and linear lines , will be less cold. This shade can also be successfully used in the bedroom, thanks to the feeling of comfort that emanates from what colors can make like pure gray or white. It can be used to decorate the walls, tuning the color to that of furnishings and accessories, which can also play on some contrasts, such as, for example, red.

Published on Sep 13, 2017 | Cat: Design | By Lisa