Anti-stain tablecloth

Anti-stain tablecloth

Stainless tablecloths have the prerogative of not having to be washed in the washing machine, with the benefit of less time and energy being lost. Every day we use the tablecloth, indicatively twice, during lunch and dinner, the occasions to fill it with stains are many, especially if there are children in the house. Some to protect the table from any damage, choose to keep it covered, just with a stain-resistant tablecloth, throughout the day. Very well indicated for the protection of the outer tables, being much more resistant than ordinary tablecloths. Generally, these tablecloths are made of stain-resistant polyester, which delays fluid absorption and allows for quick cleaning.

These tablecloths can have gorgeous fantasy, geometric, floral, squares and more, which you can choose according to your personal taste. The beauty of these tablecloths is that they can be cleaned with a simple wet or damp sponge, combined with soap to remove the most difficult spots, such as wine, coffee, oil and the like. If you want, you can also wash them in a washing machine at 30-40 degrees, for example after a long time using them, for a more complete wash. Certainly you will not need to iron them, the fabric will wipe in a blink of an eye and will be ready to be re-used on your boards. The fabric of these tablecloths is able to keep a fresh and clean appearance for a long time, solving the problems of housewives and women in their careers. In addition, stain-resistant tablecloths, greatly reducing the number of washings, have an eco-friendly look for energy saving.

Anti-stain tablecloths

On the market you can find 100% polypropylene tablecloths made of polyester, others with teflon treatment, which makes the fabric water repellent and anti-stain; for example teflon cotton tablecloths, natural or printed. There are also cotton tablecloths covered with a vinyl foil that makes the fabric waterproof, or linen linens resinated due to their elegance, will embellish the room. All these treatments allow your tablecloth to have excellent results from the point of view of cleanliness and functionality. There are also classic plasticized cloths that are very easy to clean, but have the defect to make it difficult to remove any dry folds they may have taken during packing or subsequent bending. In hotels, restaurants, congress halls, most exposed to confusion and the possibility of “stains”, TNT tablecloths, ie non-woven tablecloths, made of a polyethylene microfibre, are often used, which give the fabric water repellent and tear resistant. Among the types of anti-stain tablecloth, you can find round, oval, rectangular and square shapes, similar to normal kitchen tablecloths. In stores, there are already packaged anti-stain-table cloths or fabrics for sale on foot to be custom-made. Nothing is lost from the point of view of the pleasure, in fact, you can find any kind of fantasy to suit your needs and tastes, in plain color or with theme fantasies (butterfly rings, cats, dogs, horses, agresti life scenes, etc.). Surely all these types of tablecloths are able to guarantee practicality, and some, depending on the fabric and the tactile yield, undoubtedly combine quality and beauty with practicality.

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