Modern Credenza, as they evolved

Contemporary credenza

The belief … was once! At one time, the belief was a rectangular piece of furniture used in particular in the old country houses, above which the bread was made and within which it was subsequently preserved. As the years go by, the cabinet – or bed – changed shape and size, turning into a container for food and then also for crockery. And the latter is the job that is attributed to it by the contemporary furnishings: modern credenza are furniture for the living room, or rather for the dining area of the living room. The morphology has remained virtually unchanged – rectangular and elongated – while shades, materials and finishes have changed, making decorative decorations more than useful.

Modern Credenza

Small furniture is sober, essential, fashion. In other words chic. Much fashionable in the 1970s, it had been slightly eclipsed over the next few decades, to return to great in recent years. Modern beliefs, if low, are very impressive and characterize the environment.
Acerbis International proposes the New Concepts container case (pictured) that is part of a collection of standalone and aggregated furniture that consists of nine elements specially designed to incorporate the latest transformations of home entertainment electronics and the resulting needs of their integration. These include high, low, floor or wallets; foundations; Ground Furniture Ground Case; shelves; Beam shelves and shelves. The furniture is finished externally in essence or in matt or gloss lacquered, in various color samples.

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