Balcony verandas, how to choose the covers

Which door to choose for the balconies verandas

Balcony verandas are locks characterized by frames in different materials, able to guarantee excellent insulating performance.The purpose of their use is to be able to take advantage of the outside space even in periods when the stay outside is not allowed by the weather and the weather.

The thermal performance must be guaranteed by the materials used but also by the correct assembly because the infisso must protect and guarantee the comfort of the indoor environments.
It is important to determine the thermal efficiency of a verandah through the connections of the individual parts and the correct connection with the structure of the home.

Balcony verandas, how to choose the covers: The materials and the glass for balcony verandas

The fundamental parts of the balcony verandas are the glasses: they must, in fact, provide thermal insulation and maintain unchanged interior comfort both in summer and winter.
In this regard, it is good to choose low-emission glazing: they are characterized by multiple sheets spaced apart, creating inter-cavities that will then be filled with gas or air.
It is also possible to coat the glass with an insulating film to implement its performance.
On the other hand, the frames can be in aluminum or pvc depending on the installation site and preferences: aluminum structures are characterized by thermal sealing profiles, while PVC ones have internal chambers for better thermal insulation.

Published on Sep 21, 2017 | Cat: Exterior | By Lisa