Roof windows

The importance of roof windows

The window to be covered is a typology apart from the windows of the rest of the building. Its presence is fundamental to giving air and light to the rooms on the top floor of a home, whether they are habitable or not, and the topic becomes more topical in recent years for the recovery of residential suburbs. Phenomenon, this, supported by the laws of different regions also in the optics of saving soil consumption.
Roof windows are often lockable windows that stop the opening in multiple locations and are equipped with rods or motors, with remote control or switch, if they are placed at a height not easily accessible. Among the novelties in the market are the openings allowed by the electricity produced by small solar panels on the outer door. For roof windows, some issues are of primary importance: waterproofing, articulation and impact resistance. The particular location makes the windows most susceptible to the weather, while laying mistakes inevitably lead to infiltration or condensation. The window can also be equipped with different types of glass and adjustable darkening systems and mosquito nets. Like every door, the skylights are made of standard sizes, useful for new buildings or for simultaneous installation with roof opening, or sketched products for replacing existing windows.

Several roof window models compared to the proposed openings. The most well-known ones are those of vasistas or bilice, even if it is found, as is the vertical wall-to-wall vertical window frames, also the combined bilico-vasistas version. The vasistas opening is the classic one, adaptable to almost all slopes and ideal for places with condensation and vapor as it can be opened even in the case of rain. Conversely, cleaning the upper side is particularly difficult when not impossible with no safety devices. It pins on the highest side as the dimension, while the hinged opening pivotes on an axis moved along the window and is generally centered. The hinged system allows for more ventilation of the attic spaces and easier cleaning of the outside of the glass. A different opening is the one in the book that, just like the door opening of a normal window, opens laterally and is ideal for openings that also act as a passage for the roof as it opens completely the opening space . The compass door also brings the glass in a vertical position but always outside to avoid interfering with the furniture. Such a laying is particularly recommended when the attic is low as it allows easier cleaning operations for the possibility of facing outside.

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