Nusco doors for beautiful and modern interior

Nusco doors goal is to “improve the quality of life, creating exciting environments.” The core values of the Campanian brand are research, innovation, design study and attention to detail, to ensure quality doors that meet the growing demands for market customization.

In Photos: New Vision, the product line launched by the bell company in 2014, represents a blend of modernity and excellence. It gives the rooms a classy touch, without exceeding in special effects thanks to the elegance of oblique shapes. A sophisticated design and a playful combination of panel and glass make New Vision a youthful and trendy door, especially suited to modern environments. Available in many variants of color: elm, moka, ivory, wengè, bleached oak, light dress and white ash.

Nusco doors catalog
Over the course of years of business, the company has started in the ’60s, Nusco Porte has always distinguished itself for pursuing the pursuit of excellence in products and performance offered to customers to meet their needs. The use of novel techniques, selection, and training of staff represented the guidelines that enabled the company to market itself.

In the tradition, Nusco Porte focuses its attention on continuous improvement and internal organization and customer service. Also the supply of a rich catalog, always in the making and with practical and aesthetically pleasing proposals is part of this service. By visiting the company’s website, you can see how vast the brand’s offer is, which is aimed at the production of armored doors, windows and interior doors, all made with great attention to materials and finishes. Nusco’s doors are designed to fit into the medium and medium / high price range, and given their features, they have a very good value for money.

In photo: Porta Olmo Nusco, characterized by the possibility of having numerous finishes with particular aesthetic effects and innovative and modern details, such as the hinged zip and the magnetic lock. This model can be chosen either in swing or sliding version, or in two glass alternatives.

Published on Sep 13, 2017 | Cat: Doors | By Lisa