How to Choose Armored Windows for Security

Several degrees of safety in the armored windows

According to information provided by law enforcement officers, the most common crimes against citizens are practiced by lifting, piercing and breaking through windows and doors. Therefore, there is a need for window frames suitable for these “attacks”: armored windows are recommended to solve this problem.

The main quality of the armored windows – in wood or other materials, for the purpose of anti-burglary protection is obtained by the combination of window profile, glass and hardware. For the classification of the armouring, resistance classes have been conducted so far and in 2011 a series of European anti-burglary standards – DIN EN 1627 – have been published, according to which armored windows are distinguished from RC 1 N to RC 6, where RC stands for Class resistance (from the English Resistance Class).

How to Choose Armored Windows for Home Security: Features to Resist

Armored windows must provide protection against a variety of burglary attempts, such as kicking and jumping on the window; forcing with scouring tools or pork feet; removal of glass and breaking of the glass.
In addition to ensuring protection against burglars, armored windows have a pleasing, often design-looking design: the remarkable technological burglary performance is complemented by aesthetic qualities that are indispensable today. Woody woods are often vacuum-impregnated to withstand molds that are more insistent and finished with acrylic paints.

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