Partition walls, separate spaces

Partition walls

The partition walls in a home are fundamental: they are the interior walls of lesser thickness that divide the spaces so that the house is not a single and large room but has bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas. The partition walls are usually made of masonry, but in some cases, they can be made differently.

An alternative solution to the classic masonry walls is the use of gypsum plasterboard: thin, practical and easy to install, allowing us to form very special articulations. Another very used and great style solution is the use of sliding partition walls: with these elements, we would be able to close or open space if necessary without a rigid and fixed situation such as that with the walls in masonry.

Dividing walls

Many different materials with which the divisions can be realized, but the most elegant of all, is certainly the glass: smooth, shiny, transparent, opal, or satin and textured, a partition wall of this material greatly illuminates the space which divides it without closing it or oppressing it. In addition, it is also possible to realize colored glass solutions by applying film in the interior.

Another very used material is wood, with aluminum or steel structure, to stiffen it. Often, however, because of material movement, a wood or multilayer aggregate is used, then laminated or coated with high-quality laminates to create the desired effect and maintaining the desired material-form quality. Other solution, metal coatings with metal plates, with surface treatments of different kinds.

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