External stairs, features and tips

Exterior staircases

What should be the main features of external stairs? First, stability, so great resistance to weather. This type of scale must be immune to water and weather, but at the same time to offer some aesthetic harmony. They can be masonry or prefabricated, such as those made by well-known brands, featuring a metallic part protected by a zinc bath, whose finishes make it particularly suitable for outdoor use. Handrails are generally PVC, while the bolts are made of stainless steel, to withstand the weather. These are easy-to-mount structures, adjustable in height. Many have molded steel steps with relief holes to ensure a non-slip and rainwater sliding function. The spacers between the steps allow the variation of the lift height, making it adaptable to any residence.

Exterior iron stairs

The external stairs of iron and stainless steel, besides offering excellent resistance to precipitation and frost, give a modern look to the home and are among the most popular by architects, designers and end-users. Being designed for outdoor use are handled appropriately to withstand weather conditions, as well as anti-slip steps.

An excellent example is an iron scale in the photo, built with a central circlip hub in circular section. In this case the curvilinear part has an outside diameter of 210 cm and the total height is 400 cm. Staircase supports are 4 mm thick laser-cut sheet metal, while one-meter wide steps are rough granite to prevent slipping with sawdust. The railing is in iron but with stainless steel curtains. All iron parts have a micacea light gray color. So a safe and aesthetically pleasing scale.

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