How to furnish a loft

Decorate a loft with colors and rough materials

The loft is one of the most popular housing types of recent years: a former industrial lab that changes use destination to become a bright, spacious and airy open home.
Using colors, raw materials, and particular building elements to furnish a loft helps to define the character of the environments: the loft employs exposed structure with metal beams and pillars to retain its inherent industrial character.
The chromatic aspect takes on the choice of furniture an important role, helping to emphasize the different functional areas with strong and important tones.

How to furnish a loft: Living spaces and skylights to furnish a loft.

After placing in the central part of the living area the dining table and the chairs are well considered where to place the relaxation area: sofas and armchairs complete with a soft rug will find the perfect arrangement below a skylight to enjoy all the natural light possible .
To furnish a loft, if the environment is open space it is useful to use targeted color alternations to sketch compositional rhythm so that it is harmonious and balanced in the environment as a whole.
Lastly, to favor the use of square and contemporary furniture lines, it emphasizes the environment genius loci, an industrial time.

Published on Sep 23, 2017 | Cat: Interior | By Lisa