White doors, the sobriety of elegance

White interior doors

When we think of our home end in all its parts, we also imagine the doors, but we still have to choose. But how do you do it? We are very undecided, wood, color, metal, glass .. the final choice will be in the white. No matter what style it is, we will consider it later, what we are interested in right now is to look at the myriad of white interior doors to understand what we like.

There are many solutions in different styles and finishes, the most important thing to dominate is the total white.
The finishes can be varnished, lacquered or laminated, each with its differences and features that will allow us to make the choice.
In fact, lacquering provides a layer of resinous, thick paint that covers the wood fibers so that they are no longer visible, unlike the painting that simply colors the wood while retaining the ribs and the essence of the material. Still further, laminated wood, which is made up of a very noble aggregate and a coating that can be of different type, laminated plastic or metallic.

Modern white doors

Modern white doors, we find them thanks to the style of Bertolotto, in his project Constellations doors: sliding or swinging retain their aesthetic sobriety and formal elegance, thanks to the superficial decor that can be rediscovered on the front of the door, solid, robust, full.
A surface decoration characterized by fine lines and engravings that represent the geometries of six different Constellations with a matte or glossy polyester finish.
Another white design element of the closure, we find it in solutions made of lacquered or lacquered wood material, with glass inserts. Satin or opalescent opaque elements that give a clean, minimal look to the door space, which adds value to the style and elegance.

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