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Maisons du Monde sofas

When you think of your home the first references to our imagination are family and affection, rest and relaxation, intimacy and well-being, all the concepts that make you sigh the phrase: “Ah, finally home!”. The tranquility and the protection given by the home nest mirror somehow also on the furnishings, which must be comfortable and functional, in line with their tastes and their ways of living. And what best place to decorate is the emblem of rest and relaxation if not the couch at home? The choice of this furnishing complements is very weighty, as there are many aspects that come into play: the number of people that the sofa will have to accommodate, shape and size balanced according to the available spaces and style and finishing that will be balanced harmoniously with the rest of the environment.

Usually the most commercialized couch is the three seats, possibly equipped with a coordinated pouf or a small peninsula to be devoted to the most relaxing moments. As far as shape is concerned, everything depends on the style: if your home has a vintage atmosphere and from the past you will be wearing compact sofas and raised from the ground with some details from the Seventies remarks; padded padded with soft and generously Juno-style lines instead will get you if you want a classic setting, or conversely, modern spirits will marry ergonomic geometries and very pushy design for extremely minimalist sofas. The dimensions? S-size sofas for small relaxed or opposite angles XXL for living open space and spacious outbuildings. Of this latter size is the sofa of Masoins du Monde, Cancun, in the picture. The big size that distinguishes the colorful five-seat sofa is characterized by the following dimensions: seat height 44 cm, length 295 and depth 70 cm. Cuncun’s multicolor, sleek sofa recalls the vital tones of the 1970’s and features 12 pillows. It cost Only 955.96049 U.S. dollars

Maisons du Monde sofa beds

To identify the characteristics of your own ideal sofa, you still have to define finishes and finishes. For a more informal environment or if we love fantasy and decor, we choose quality fabrics and microfiber tactics; if on the contrary we need an element of representation and finishes that exalt the volume of the sofa, free to leather and leather. The sofa, which is usually the indisputable protagonist of the living area, can also become our beloved ally when we need to accommodate people for the night. The sofa bed is certainly one of those strategic and unavoidable space saving solutions when we have reduced space or if we have the habit of being surrounded day and night by friends and relatives. With a transformable padding the salient features should be: aesthetics and comfort in the day-to-day version and maximum comfort in the night-bed version. It should not be underestimated during the choice of how to open the sofa bed. To favor the simple and easy to operate mechanisms, few and quick gestures that lead to the final transformation of the pad. Always signing Masoins du Monde is the Butterfly transformable sofa, covered in light gray cotton, in the picture. In daytime mode, the couch, which sleeps from 3 to 4 people, has classic and romantic shapes embellished with jumble fabric fiocchi. Its measurements are: H 89, L 219 and P 88 cm. When the night falls, the padding is turned into a real bed, where the mattress (included) is supported by wooden slats. Maisons du Monde guarantees the structure five years, while two years is the guarantee of the padding of the backrest and seat cushions.

Maisons du Monde armchairs

But we keep talking about Maisons du Monde. The French brand is well-known in Italy thanks to the many retail outlets throughout the peninsula, but for those who are not yet familiar with it, we can say that the company is characterized by the unique and original design of its furnishings designed by a team interior designers and designers, who at an annual pace always propose new furniture collections, made up of many indoor and outdoor furniture and above all by a large assortment of home accessories and decorations. The name of the brand is to mean the multi-ethnic and multi-faceted character of the proposed collections, many recognizable design furnishings, where to find pieces of extremely innovative style, or vintage, or classic, others tremendously modern and trendy, in short, such a catalog varied to satisfy all tastes in aesthetics and style. The Maisons du Monde sofa and armchairs collection also has an infinite choice of shapes and sizes: fixed and transformable sofas, sofas and armchairs, small or upholstered sofas, and wrap-around, fabric or leather clothing baroque or neo industrial, such as the vintage Club Club Arizona armchair, in photos. A classic and refined soft and generous furnishing element, lined with a soft microfibre that remembers aged skin. Arizona has the FSC mark, corresponding to wood certification, used for the structure, coming from managed forests in a sustainable way.

Maisons du Monde fabric sofas

Maisons du Monde points out that many of its products are made directly and entirely in France, an affirmation that emphasizes the quality, aesthetics and safety of furniture. Another important prerogative of the brand is the craftsmanship of the workings used to create the various furniture; each product is distinguished from the others, it has its own history and life, and above all, a very advantageous price that is always affordable. How impressive is the cost of the modern sofa fabric Maisons du Monde, the Iceberg model, pictured, proposed at 412.97 USD. Iceberg has a strong personality and trendy design, its minimalist lines look to Scandinavian design but are enlivened by the many spring colors available in the catalog, such as yellow, celestial and pink. The vintage sofa is covered in 100% polyester fabric, a practical, elastic material and resistant to abrasion and moisture, ideal for enduring wear and tear. The Iceberg back is dotted with a delicate quilt that gives it a touch of refined elegance. Its compact dimensions, 160 x 78 x 84 cm, make it ideal even in low-volume environments. The fabrics used to dress sofas are also versatile and easy to maintain, often the cover is removable and washable in the washing machine. Masoins du Monde specifies how to maintain its products for its products in order to keep its furniture from the French accent always young and fresh.

Fixed, corner, transformable into beds, modular, with fabric or leather coverings: the Maison du Monde sofa catalog is definitely varied. As to the structure, size and materials used, of course, but also from the stylistic and chromatic point of view. Whatever the taste that characterizes your living area, you will certainly find several convincing or at least worthy of interest. The French company offers classic or contemporary sofas, baroque or industrial sofas, exotic and lively or more delicate and romantic. Very appreciated are the modular, modern and multifunctional ones, which allow a high level of customization and guarantee comfort and functionality. Everyone is free to concretize the composition he thinks best, without worrying about the shapes and the measures. You can do various “experiments” and proceed through the official site by checking the results from time to time to get exactly what you are looking for and what you need. As? From the home page you click on “sofas” and then on “modular sofas”, then you choose the style, the color, the measurements and also the price range. As you define these settings, click on “Apply”. Once completed, you will have a complete overview of the available products. Maison du Monde sofas all agree, that’s the case. In picture the Dandy sofa fixed antique brown, 4-5 seats. Combines a soft seat with rigid lines and is embellished with a button finish. The coating is in pigmented flower (cowhide); the structure is in pine and plywood.

Maisons du Monde sofas, infinite possibilities of choice: Fabric sofas maison du monde

Maisons du Monde offers many fabric sofas, the most used material is cotton, but there are also models with microfiber, velvet and linen liners. Again, the offer is very heterogeneous with regard to design, structure, and size. It goes from the more classic sofas, featuring neutral tones, modern and original sofas, as well as colorful ones. The price scissors are wide, we suggest that we start from 100 euro to get around 1400 euros. On the official website, to make the search more convenient, you can indicate the budget at your disposal. The sofas with fully removable fabric lining have long been appreciated for some time in this part for the degree of practicality they put into the field; in a few moments the liner is removed and washed, in some cases even in the washing machine. And in this regard, we add that the company has also made an assortment of coveralls that allow to vary the appearance of its sofa, and therefore of the whole environment, with a small expense. In the picture the 3-seater Factory sofa, characterized by urban design and therefore perfect even in an industrial-style setting. It turns into a comfortable and functional bed. The mattress and cushions have 100% cotton lining and filling

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