Armored doors for the home

House security with armored doors

Society changes, evolves, not always in the best, as we see daily in the chronicles. Everyone’s desire is to guard our affections and goods in the best way, without loving surprises. So the house protection is entrusted, entrusted to electronic devices, but also to armored doors or the like.

Often in the apartments, a door armor is used, but it is a compromise solution and it does not make our home safe at all, as the thieves with pork feet can easily force the hinges of the pseudo-armored door. The best solution would be to replace the old wooden door with an armored door. There are hundreds of models on the market; but how to choose the most suitable for the safety of our home?

Basic assistance is provided by ENV 1627, which defines, on the basis of specific tests, the degree of reliability of armored doors against burglary attempts. However, this is a non-compulsory rule and therefore the companies that undergo certification are doing it in a totally voluntary way.

Armored doors Oikos

Security and protection are not just a hypothesis in Oikos armored doors, in fact, advanced technology research and in-depth studies in the specific field of passive security, develop improvements and new highly innovative products. The company constantly monitors the performance of its products and makes use of the collaboration of the major European test institutes (Giordano and CATAS in Italy and IFT in Germany) to test products for both metal and wood.

Thanks to the reliability of its production processes, Oikos has achieved several certifications that demonstrate the commitment and seriousness with which the company works, characteristics that have always distinguished the brand. In particular, certified certificates include VISION 2000 Quality Certification, for the timely ability to meet the customer’s actual needs and for continuous improvement in technical and commercial support, the ENV 1627-1 Certification for Effective and Enduring Protection test of the product. The accredited certification body chosen by Oikos for its certified products is IFT-Q-Zert.

Armored door with Dierre

Many family of Dierre products and many new products. There are 270 new upholsteries available in the short-term, and the interior doors in solid wood, two new families, traditional Guarini, and Tonelli, minimal style with brass or steel inserts, complete the wide range of solid wood doors .
Elettra (pictured) is the evolution of security. The new system of security armored doors with motorized electronic lock suitable for every need. A step in the future turns into a daily gesture. Available in four different configurations, Elettra offers a real protection system that accords the most advanced technology with maximum safety.
Dierre’s numbers are top priority. Over 200,000 security gates built per year, worldwide distribution, 30 years of experience, make it one of the industry’s leading companies.

Armored doors Bauxt

“Monolite” by Bauxt (pictured) is the first armored door with special retractable hinges that guarantee 180 ° opening. This type of zipper, the exclusive patent Bauxt, represents a great innovation for the armor sector. In addition, the Monolite model guarantees great ease of installation with the classic type mounting with chassis and frame and hinges recorded on 3 axes plus a great deal of attention to the interior aesthetics of the door.
The customization of the interior of the armored door, in fact, is a growing market trend since the structure of the houses privileges the entrance that opens directly to living: this means that the armored doors become a real element of furniture. To respond to this ever-growing trend in the market, Bauxt introduces a new set of interior wood-based panels, such as zebrano, gray tinted oak, and bleached maple that blend in with contemporary furnishings.

Armored doors price

By going into details and trying to understand the price of armored doors, we can say that cost is usually generated by a number of factors, such as safety class, materials and accessories, and ultimately the size and thermal and acoustic performance. A standard sized door, type 90×210 cm, with internal displays, can also be purchased at less than a thousand euros, including transport and assembly, excluding VAT. While a standard outdoor door, hence with greater safety, insulated and wooden skirting posts, can even exceed a few thousand euros, excluding assembly. But let’s make a practical example. The Hormann TopSecur photo door is a high performance door in both insulation and security terms, as it guarantees a degree of RC2 anti-burglary. Moreover, the refined aesthetics, which make it a great item of furniture, thanks to the complexity on both sides, put it on a price range of 2,500.00 euros. Available in the catalog are different colors of the door and side glazed side panels to match the door, which can reach up to an extension of 60 cm.
In order to encourage the purchase of armored doors and to dismantle the old ones, the tax deductions for 2016 are also available. It is possible to benefit from tax incentives with deductions of 65% for energy savings.

Armored entrance doors

Since they represent our first passive defense weapon against intrusion attempts, armored doors should be tested and guaranteed, certified and installed to perfection. In order to understand what input port is in our case, we can mention the different classes of protection with which these types of ports are cataloged. The safety degrees are six and start from the lowest, class 1, which sees a limited degree of resistance, obtained by simulating intrusion with the sole use of physical force. For those who live in a condominium, even a class 2 would already be suitable, as the tests guarantee resistance to the use of simple burglar devices. Classes 3 and 4 start to “seriously”, perfect for outdoor houses and exteriors. The protection for these categories is assured for intrusions with pike foot or similar or slightly more powerful tools. However, classes 5 and 6 are left to non-residential buildings such as jewelry shops and banks. Within the categories, in addition to the burst tests, the degrees of thermal insulation, the quality of the artefact and the materials are also included. Important, beyond the resistance classes, is also the correct installation of the door, which must be carried out by experienced and experienced personnel. The secure and secure wall fixing must be made with steel hooks that penetrate the wall for more than 10 cm in order to create a solid and resistant unicum between the door and the perimeter wall of the entrance. Of the Oikos, in the picture, we present Synua, the class 3 door with a particularly eye-catching aesthetic. Synua is also designed for large openings, it can be made in the 2.2m version for 3 in height, becoming an important furniture item that illuminates and protects the home. Elements are also the thermal and acoustic performance, and the components are also very useful. The Arckey electronic lock and the Mose air-tightness kit, such as air, water and wind, are also available.

Armored doors with glass

They are part of the same family of secure and resistant entry doors, even the glass doors. Their feature lies in having mirrors and glazed parts that illuminate the interior space, without restricting the security of the armored. To realize these furnishings, special, tempered, safety-proof, anti-bulletproof and bulletproof glasses are used, which do not represent a weak point in the door, but enhance and make it enjoyable from an aesthetic and creative point of view. The light cut, more or less large, gives the colorful reflections of different dwellings, which vary according to the inclination of natural light. Enamelled or mirrored glasses to prevent introspection provide greater light inside the home, a factor not to be underestimated especially in historic centers or terraced houses, where real estate have some blind faces. The shape of these anti-theft doors can be classy and elegant, perhaps featuring bugnature or decorations, or extremely modern and minimal, as we can see in the picture, with the door of the Planar Collection, Finstral Style Series. This exquisite aesthetic with essential charm harmonizes with modern façades, thus becoming the visiting card for those who live in the house. Safety and quality combine design, as the high-quality Multiprotect Multi-layer laminated glass inserts are available in a rich range of decorations; Moreover, for an even smaller achievement, the hinges can be concealed, completely invisible when the door is closed.

Armored doors for the home: Modern armored doors

Looking at security is becoming more and more important today, a look of concern is also the aesthetic aspect of these safe intrusion systems. In addition to its durability, the modern armored door is also a perfect complement of interior and exterior furnishing. Stylistic and technological research proposes for this kind of products an almost infinite range of coatings and materials that give elegance and beauty to the front door. The steel core of the hatch is masked by finishing panels of any material and color. The skirt, weathered, will be made of lacquered wood, or, as we have just seen, include glazed parts, or be made of aluminum or pvc, material to be coordinated to the style of the facade. The interior panel, on the other hand, can be combined with the furnishings of the home. The latest trends, for a harmonious design of furnishings, require a single finishing for door and interior doors; as is the case for the Petra collection of Bertolotto, of which we see a model in the picture. Petra, in addition to guaranteeing excellent security against burnouts, can be customized with over 3000 coatings to be coordinated at Bertolotto interior doors.

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