Armored door, how to choose it

Armored doors

Every armored door must first and foremost ensure adequate protection against any intrusion. Internal or external, it is essential to make an accurate choice as this element is a fundamental barrier to safeguard our privacy and our wealth.
Torterolo & Re’s armored doors (in the picture) are made of a wide variety of customized solutions, capable of interpreting and communicating all the valences of the house. Classical or modern, austere and essential or lightened by elegant glazed windows, fit harmoniously in any architectural context. Available in a wide range of modules, they offer a variety of solutions, the first variable of which is the armored door and its outer lining, chosen from among the many catalog proposals. At armored doors – with or without overlay – you can then combine different types of lateral parts on one or both sides of the door. Even in this case, the choice is very wide, as the lateral fixed parts – available in three standard widths, with 6 or 10 cm uprights – can be made of metal with a standard ferromagic coating, or coated with wood, in the same essence of the door. The unobstructed modules offer a further possibility: the insertion on the side windows of horizontal crosspieces that resume the geometric pattern of the selected panel.

Armored door prices.

On average, an armored door with excellent anti-burglary technology solutions costs from 1700 to 2000 euros. However, well-known brand models, they can also reach 3000-4000 euros as they combine technology and design. In this case, considering the important function performed by the armored door, it is better to spend more than price holes, perhaps by purchasing a unsafe product.

The creative proposals of architects and designers are studied and analyzed in order to realize their ideas, offering countless combinations of coatings in various woody essences, incorporating artistic glass and mirrors. Evolution can also be coated with the Viva Line Wood oak outdoor panels, which offer up to 15 years warranty on lacquered paintwork and up to 12 on transparencies. With the application of the Laminate and Solid Wood Lining panels, the Oikos armored doors also achieve high thermal insulation performance. In the photo is proposed the armored door with external lining Wooden Line Vivo, white plaster.

Armored door, how to choose it: Armored doors Dierre

In a armored door, Dierre every detail and component is carefully designed and made to compete to achieve an unmatched result, highly appreciated by the user. In fact, only from the sum of unique performances and amenities and absolute excellence we obtain a product of inestimable value and above all by absolute safety. Electronic or traditional locking system, swing or double swing door, blind or blind: any Dierre door or door can meet a variety of needs as it is born from a state-of-the-art technology and security system. His body can be dressed in a personalized way to harmonize with the environment and reflect a lifestyle.

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