Small kitchens, such as furnishings with functionality

Small kitchens

The kitchen is considered the soul of the house where you spend a lot of time dining, preparing meals, but also doing many other activities. If in a spacious environment there is no problem creating a functional and welcoming décor, when you have to deal with small kitchens, you need to reduce the décor to the essentials without sacrificing those elements that are indispensable for each kitchen.

Initially you are called to make a very important choice: reserve the kitchen at only preparing meals by arranging a dining corner in the living room or being able to concentrate everything in the small environment. Obviously everything depends on the surface you have available, a space of 4 or 5 square meters hardly even allows the positioning of table and chairs, but they are enough two or three meters more to create a more complete kitchen.
Whatever the decision you take is of the utmost importance to make furniture as functional as possible by eliminating those appliances, such as a washing machine, which can also be found in the bathroom while the TV can be placed in the living room.

What is absolutely necessary to do is to be able to take advantage of every inch of space, and a good solution is to point it upwards, for example, furniture that has a great height development, putting on the highest points tools and objects that are rarely used.

Small kitchen solutions

Although the dimensions of the kitchen environment are reduced, a comfortable and functional work surface must be created, preferably between the sink and the cooking zone: in this way, there will be no need to move at any stage of preparation of the kitchen meals. For the cooking zone it is better to abandon the idea of ​​the oven stove and opt for those stoves that also house the oven and also offer the convenience of a lower drawer.
If the refrigerator is too cumbersome, you can use a mini fridge and mini freezer, and the same applies to the dishwasher, if you can not help it.

When space is reduced, even door openers and drawers can become problematic, so it is best to use shelves, wall-to-wall, porcelain, but also metal stalls to hang the various utensils. If, instead of ordinary and bulky boxes, beautiful glass or colored ceramic vases are used to store the pantry foods, they will also become an element of furniture and will give a touch of vivacity to the kitchen.

When space allows it you can think of the table that obviously has to be small in size. You can choose extending models, but also solutions where the table is foldable and fixed to the wall, but in this case you have to opt for a pair of stools instead of the chairs. With a slightly higher size, even those tables that contain containers containing dishes and tableware are perfect.

Small kitchen dimension

Modern apartments are becoming more and more common in having to deal with somewhat reduced sizes; for a number of factors, such as expensive rentals, the concentration of the population in urban areas over time and the cost of housing, it is more and more solvent that you choose or have to stay in homes of the smallest size. Cooking, in this case, is the environment that, first of all, undergoes a downsizing. But even if space is minimal, you can decorate each corner with functionality. The important thing is to start with a well-defined paper project, which allows you to study the best solution to take advantage of every inch. The companies are then offered the option of choosing custom space solutions, producing modules of a smaller size than the standard, just to be put in minimal kitchens. For example, it is possible to find compact dishwashers, which have a width that can be reduced to 45 cm, compared to the classic 60 cm. In this way the kitchen can be equipped with all the comforts, with a good saving of space.

Small kitchens design

The field of small kitchens does not know about crises, indeed, it is constantly evolving, thanks to the constant and ever-increasing demand from its customers; For this reason, the best companies in the industry have been thinking of producing solutions that, even if small in size, do not leave any detail to chance. Small design kitchens have emerged, but in a few square meters, they are a focus of innovation and technology. Some solutions are particularly interesting and can combine great design with high quality furnishings; an example + the Sniper Minisystem system, which is based on the idea of ​​creating a kitchen that in very little space can integrate all the indispensable elements. It is also the perfect solution for furnishing studios, where centimeters are fundamental. Minisystem Snaidero can be defined as a retractable monobloc kitchen, which, thanks to a careful study, manages to integrate everything within a single high-beauty container.

Small kitchens require a great organization. And the same importance is attached to the elements that make up them. Here are a few lines to get the best result: many modular models have blocks that can integrate drawers and cabinets with the top kitchen, washbasin, oven, and even the refrigerator in the same furniture component. They are solutions to consider. Again, unlike what one can believe, islands can play a space-saving function as well, relying on the multifunctionality of a central plane that serves simultaneously for preparing and presenting dishes and for storing numerous objects and accessories. Numerous companies that offer tailor-made projects. Avoid wardrobes too high, often the purpose of using heights can result in a great chaos and a series of difficulties. Much better than the open shelves, thanks to which it is also possible to highlight the cups and other favorite items. Consider racks, hanging pots, cup holders and portable shelves: the market offer is extensive. Also remember that glasses and mirrors visually enlarge the depth, the space itself, and the degree of brightness. Look for mirror cabinets or tops, cabinets with glass doors or mirrors. As for the floor, there are special kitchen tiles with highly reflective surfaces.

Small kitchens, such as furnishings with functionality: Small modern kitchens

Small modern kitchens are now almost fully customizable, so they are highly customizable. A good design allows design, ergonomics and practicality on the same plane. A great solution is to buy a retractable table which, if necessary, delivers all the seats needed for a lunch or a dinner party. Always try to keep enough space to move easily: Working in a tight environment is dangerous as well as inexpensive. More and more present in modern reduced-size kitchens are snack plans for small breaks, which in some cases also mark a sort of border between the kitchen and the living room. Features and aesthetics also feature removable columns, which even in just 15 cm allow for a useful compartment for cans and cans, or to store covers and cleaning materials. Even the unobtrusive corners can be made functional and practical thanks to angular columns with removable shelves, which also make the most uncomfortable areas easy to access. Colors, of course, are fundamental. Ideal is white, which illuminates and reflects light; green traffic light for various hot or cold shades, wood with different veins, smooth surfaces with matt or glossy lacquering: evaluated calmly taking into account your personal tastes.

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