Corner kitchen, kitchen furniture to optimize it

Contemporary corner kitchens

In the case of corner kitchen, there are several aspects to consider when designing and possibly purchasing furniture due to the many variables in play compared to a linear composition. Sometimes the choice of an angular solution is necessary because the planimetric distribution of the apartment or the position of the plants requires it. It is often a real aesthetic choice, stimulating in creative terms, to give a touch of design to the environment.
There are various types of corner bases: the most traditional, now rather obsolete, but preferred in the classic models of kitchen furniture, is the cut in 45 °, with the built-in oven or with a normal 60 cm door if the oven is column. In this version, the hob is a normal 4-burner built-in electric appliance, 60 cm wide, or 5-burner, 70/72/75 cm wide, centered on top, as the recessed hole is the same. Alternatively, other furniture is available that, while being placed on-line on one wall or the other, compete to form the corner when coupled with other bases. These bases, forming a right angle in the composition, do not allow the insert of the oven under the top, but offer a whole host of precious interior equipments. This solution is also the most expensive but is best advised if you want to make the most of the space available to the corner base, since, by opening the door, it is the entire containment structure that comes out entirely, allowing full use and rational, as well as convenient.

Small corner kitchens

In the case of a small corner kitchen, it is necessary to optimize the spaces. And the space saving elements certainly do not lack: from the simple shelves to the comfortable rotating baskets, to end up with the most sophisticated mechanisms made of stainless steel container trays that intersect inside and allow you to take full advantage of the space available. To avoid creating too closed spaces and the claustrophobic effect, you should opt for open shelves and shelves: hang your cooking accessories on iron rods, choose shelves, shelves.
Also focus on light and bright colors. A small, dark-colored environment transmits negative feelings of closure. For a small angular kitchen, the most well-known colors may be light yellow, apricot, orange not too aggressive, blue sky and white candy. Folding tables are an excellent solution for getting a wider working area, primarily for cooking and then eating meals.

Corner kitchen sink

In the “corner” part of the kitchen we have to decide whether to install the corner cooker, the worktop or corner sinks. It should be said that we are talking about special pieces, which normally have a slightly higher average cost, but nothing that can scare. An angular sinks system allows you to place a shelf to dry the dishes right at the corner, thus making the space available much better than in the case of an angular work surface, usually very difficult to reach and clean. The third solution is the corner cooker, with a shelf in the center where an electric plate or a flooring pan can be placed. Among the different solutions, the corner sink is probably the best one. Corner kitchen angle

Corner sink
An angular kitchen sink system is capable of doing its job extravagantly, without forcing you to give up the comfort.
The corner kitchen sink is often proposed with two tanks, but is also available with one. Some models, even equipped with scaffolding, take advantage of the angular nature of the kitchen. The most modern solutions in the corner have the central element of the kitchen: sometimes the hob or sink.
While corner cooking is not very much required – and there are few such solutions – the corner kitchen sink seems to be the ideal solution for anyone who can not or does not want to buy a linear kitchen. Because, more than the fires, the sink is the center of the kitchen. Because it has a two-sided structure arrangement, it is comfortable, practical and logical to have the most-used element in the center. It is very important to pay attention to the distance between the sink and the hob. Although it is always easy to have the two adjacent elements, in case of lack of space it is good to give up one of the tanks to position, near the fires, the dripping.
In the photo: a special design solution for the Villeroy & Boch Corner Solo Ceramic, made in ceramicPlus and available in many colors.

Corner kitchen cabinet

In the angular kitchen rotary and extractable mechanisms make it possible to make the most of the spaces with compositions equipped with angular elements. Functional and super-equipped, new kitchens are increasingly cared for in detail to allow full use of space. If well organized a kitchen, albeit tiny, is able to contain everything you need without giving up the amenities. Solutions with removable turntable shelves, drawers and baskets are more practical and generous than traditional shelves.
In order not to waste precious space, the top of the kitchen top can be better exploited, for example with angular baking hobs, the particular shape of which makes it easier to work while cooking, especially when using four burners at the same time. Finally, the corner columns to be placed in the space between the kitchen top and the cabinets are designed to contain kitchenware and appliances; if they are also equipped with removable baskets, they are even more functional and easy to clean.

Contemporary corner kitchen

In the kitchen when it comes to removable and rotating mechanisms it seems to climb on an incomprehensible spaceship. In fact, they allow you to make the most of your space with compositions with angular elements. Well-behaved, these solutions are really practical, and if we’re used to looking at the kitchens outlets, we will find that corner kitchens are often more cautious in detail, more functional and more rational in terms of exploiting available spaces than traditional ones . In the “elle” compositions, for example, there are really ingenious solutions to be able to reach the corner space, usually hard to use and clean. An angularly structured kitchen, though small, can give you great satisfaction. It is essential, however, to know that an angular kitchen must necessarily provide ad hoc solutions, or it will soon be transformed into our worst nightmare.

Corner Kitchen Ikea

Ikea is expert in cornerkitchens, to the point of offering a series of amazing solutions to solving this hate so hated by many of us. In fact, to make the difference between the different Ikea kitchen models, besides the finishing of the doors and the overall design, are the accessories. From Ikea the solutions with drawers, total drawer baskets or removable turntable shelves are virtually available in all available models: a great advantage for those who claim these systems in a modern kitchen. Not to lose valuable space Ikea offers for its kitchen line also a series of top kitchen with corner cooking hobs, allowing easy access to all four burners. Another possible and orderable solution is the corner columns that are to be placed between the kitchen floor and the wall units.

Corner kitchen price

As mentioned, given the “specialty” of the pieces and the accuracy of the sliding systems, baskets and shelves adaptable to corner kitchens, this type of solution could cost a little more than classic linear cooking. How Much More? From a minimum of 10% to 30%, depending on how many specific choices we have chosen to overcome the blind corner problem that is difficult to use and reach. In any case, though with this slight surcharge, angular kitchen offers enormous satisfaction, perhaps even greater than traditional cooking, as it optimizes all the available environmental space, and is more generous for tableware, crockery and tableware. In short, if your embarrassment could become the extra arrow at your bow, then the work of corner kitchen designers would have achieved its ultimate goal.

The corner configuration in the kitchen offers the opportunity to utilize the width of the composition and to have a lot of containment space available. To prepare the L-shaped kitchen, you need to have a rectangular area of 10 square meters or more, whether in the kitchen environment or in a room, or when you get the kitchen in a loft. the anglo-kitchen, in fact, is well suited for furnishing space even when it is not closed but open to living, also facilitating movements between operating areas. This is the so-called triangle operating between the three functions of washing, preparing food, cooking them. But the two sides of the corner kitchen are long and allow, in between doors, also place the table to give birth to a dining area.

Angular Kitchen

A corner kitchen solution can be a great way to make the best use of space, especially when you do not have a whole free wall. With an angular solution it is possible to arrange all the furniture you need, using every inch free.
Of course, the layout must be designed starting from the layout of gas discharges and connections, provided that it does not decide for an induction plane that does not require this type of power supply, working with electricity. Once you have established what the constraints are, you can design what will be the indispensable elements to have a functional environment.
All the major brands in the industry pay close attention to the ergonomics and usability offered by the corner compositions, and for this reason they provide many elements that can perfectly solve the various problems associated with corner space furnishings.

Corner kitchen, kitchen furniture to optimize space: Corner kitchens

Corner kitchens can be the perfect solution for classy and functional environments where there are no walls completely free of impediments, such as windows and doors, to fit a linear model that is sufficiently ergonomic and equipped with all the comforts. Using a corner composition, however, you can reduce the space occupied by a smaller wall portion. And for those who are looking for cheap solutions, a large number of furniture brands in the large distribution range make it possible to make a corner kitchen according to their needs. Usually, to have very comfortable items and to limit the final costs, it is advisable to avoid placing the sink and hob in the corner, but to arrange it on one of the two sides.
In the photo, for example, you can see one of the cornerstones offered by World Convenience; this is the Selly model, available with different finishes and the ability to customize it in relation to the space in which it will be placed, all at a low price, since the basic composition starts at a price of 1 415.597 U.S. dollars

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