Exterior sliding doors guide to choice

Exterior wall sliding doors

The exterior wall sliding doors are a simple, functional and quick installation solution: in them the sliding of the door takes place through a wall-mounted sight rail and they do not mount either frame or cover. They have a small footprint and a lower cost compared to the ones that disappear as they avoid the masonry work of installing the concealed bin.

The advantages of external sliding doors are innumerable: the materials with which the tracks are made, stainless steel and pre-painted steel, are durable and unattached by weathering and are not subject to corrosion; the exterior wall sliding doors are easy to maintain and remove; they offer environmental well-being as they enter the living spaces by occupying little space and providing a high level of comfort; often made of materials with high quality technical characteristics such as non-permeability to vapor or low risk of moisture and mold attack; and last but not least, they are very pleasing and contribute to the furnishings of any environment.

Exterior sliding doors in glass

The exterior glass sliding doors are real furnishings and give the room a lot of brightness. The slabs that make up the doors are generally made of tempered glass, very durable material and breaks in many small non-sharp pieces in case of breakage. The transparency of the glass and the possibility to design doors with drawings and inlays of various colors, allow the designer to create environments in which the door does not separate completely and creates a decor on the wall through which it flows to open. The choice varies from common transparent glasses to satin, colored, but also to sandblasted glasses to end with inlay or ceramic techniques. In particular, to approach the glass, it is of great importance to choose the structure of the track (with mantovana, to hide the structure, or view) that many companies, with reason, propose sober and minimalist design.

Published on Sep 14, 2017 | Cat: Interior | By Lisa