Kitchens with central island for style environments

Kitchens with central island

Central island compositions allow you to transform normal working spaces into living environments and conviviality, without forgetting functionality.
Choosing a central island kitchen involves a change of philosophy in living this space.
The kitchen opens to the adjacent spaces, privileging the aesthetic and functional aspect of a living environment together.
Solutions of this kind allow you to have the work space in the center, incorporating into a single cooking surface, oven and basin: the operating zone moves into the center of the room. This eliminates borders and the environment becomes unique, linking together more rooms in the house.

Island kitchens
Choosing compositions of this type makes it possible to have features that make mobile more enjoyable, livable, implemented in shape and size.
In fact, installing in your open space living room cooking a central island allows preparing meals in contact with daylight, as a new philosophy of thinking of living the kitchen today.
In addition, the kitchens with central island can function as partitions between the two environments, creating a meeting point where cleverly mixes the two spaces, highlighting the aesthetics of the work space respecting that of living space. The cabinet cabinets to complete the island are wall-mounted and are complemented by built-in appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers, and mobile dispensers.

Kitchens with modern island

The kitchen as well as being beautiful must ensure the practicality needed for the activities we carry out in this environment. Practicality and comfort in the kitchen are guaranteed by a large work surface: for this reason, the central island kitchens are ideal for those who love spending time at the stoves and proving their creativity and passion for preparing food and food.
The island, however, does not only offer a large surface for food preparation, but also a perfect space to spend convivial moments while eating meals, either by adding a low floor or a snack counter, around to place high seats or stools. Space is transformed and becomes dynamic and livable beyond traditional patterns, in an environment such as cooking, which is increasingly open to living and becomes one with the living room.

Cook Islands
In designing and distributing furniture in the central island kitchen, you need to calculate the spaces so that you can move comfortably while preparing food and consuming it. Around 110 cm of free space, or more in front of the island, are to be found.
If communicating with your stay, be sure to carry out life-long island operations. Around the island you can arrange the spaces by using column wardrobes that will help you to hold crockery, pots, and items while keeping your area clean and tidy. On the wall we will have cabinets, sink, built-in appliances and pantry.
In the design of the central island kitchen, the water and gas connections in the center room, as well as the electrical cables necessary for the supply of household appliances possibly on the island and for the hood, will be provided. For this reason, power outlets will be located at the base of the island.

Scavolini island kitchens

Among the many alternatives offered on the market, we can not afford to look at the kitchens at Scavolini Island, a well known and appreciated brand that has been producing furniture for over fifty years and that over time has expanded its production to other home environments.
The Scavolini collections are varied and varied, and within them, you can find modern, classic or even country-style furnishings. In this way the brand intends to meet all the demands of many buyers.
The quality of the Scavolini furnishings is proven and guaranteed, and those who buy their own kitchen are sure to have the furniture that will ensure a practical, beautiful and functional environment.

In photography you can observe the island kitchen of the Regard series, designed by Raffaello Pravato with a contemporary style that allows you to live the environment without limitations and boundaries.
The doors can be in cherry or, as n photos, in oak oak structure and with different elements designed to combine functionality, elegance and beauty.
In the case of the kitchen in the picture, the doors have an oval veneered frame with absolute white oak, but there is a choice between a wide range of colors and compositions that will meet the most demanding needs.

Kitchens with island prices

When you decide to decorate your home with an island kitchen, one of the factors to consider with greater focus is the price that this type of composition can have. Giving precise price indications is not possible because the models on the market are vast and varied, with features, materials and finishes that can substantially change the price. However, it is possible to give some general indications that allow you to understand how much you need to forecast. An island kitchen of famous brands can cost about 6000 euros, for basic models, up to prices far exceeding well over 30000 euros. Obviously, even for those who do not have a lot of economic resources, you can buy an island kitchen model, perhaps turning to large distribution chains, such as World Convenience or Ikea, where you can buy an island kitchen at prices starting from just under 2000 euros to reach 4/5000 according to the model and the elements chosen.

Kitchen with central island

The central island kitchens are aesthetically remarkable, of great effect, and offer several benefits as far as functionality is concerned. The kitchen reaffirms the heart of the house and, by its very structure, it allows to make contact with the living area in a practical and natural way. Not only is it wrong to believe that Central Island cooking is only suitable for large environments, although in many respects it is exactly the opposite: since there is the possibility of having numerous additional compartments and drawers, it is often the option perfect for those who do not have enough space to accommodate the dishes and other objects used daily. Also with this type of composition you get a further plan to allocate to other appliances or to add beliefs. Thanks to the open view on the living room, the island kitchen also keeps in contact with children even when they play, study or relax in the living area. Still, microwave ovens and small chillers can be placed on shelves accessible to the smallest to make them totally independent, allowing them to quickly prepare a snack or an extra breakfast at any time of the day. And if you want to organize lunches and dinners with friends and family, the island becomes a valuable ally as it adds chairs and stools (so they are placed in extra) with ease. And while cooking, guests wait in the living room chatting cheerfully. Bringing the main floor to the center also means freeing the walls and enhancing furniture and accessories, starting with curtains and chandeliers; with regard to lighting, the island is definitely a nice hanging lamp that also contributes to creating an ad hoc atmosphere. Considering the connection of water and gas installations in the center of the room, the possibilities of extending to the kitchen furnishings can really reach the maximum potential without affecting the space and its usability. In the picture the kitchen with island model Mood – Stosa cuisines.

Kitchens with central island for style environments: Modern kitchen with island

The central island embodies the concept of a modern, professional, and efficient kitchen. All operations are facilitated, the environment acquires a new dimension even scenographic, space is articulated in harmony. You can cook together with other people, sit down, eat, sip a drink: everything is done in the most natural way. Another advantage is the ease with which it is cleansed; Appliances and working tools are close, so dirty spaces are reduced. Perhaps not everyone thinks of it right now, but island kitchens even save because they only require a single lamp, even at low power consumption, to light up the surface without wasting energy. In the picture the Artematica Vitrum Arte Art Sandro Chia of Valcucine: the company has developed a special technique for making glass various inlay designs. A highly technological process, rooted in the tradition of craftsmanship. The drawings are cut out on a special colored film and manually applied to Valcucine hardened glass panels that will form the doors, the planes and the sides of the kitchens.

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