Corner wardrobe, space for the wardrobe

The corner cabinet uses intelligently the walls, which otherwise would remain unused. In fact, it is always essential to adopt space-saving solutions, regardless of the size of the rooms. In this way, the corners become a real strength to create a large wardrobe area. The latest cabinet cabinets also have internal structures with smaller volumes, while the outer one is transparent or non-existent, with apparel or accessories in sight.

Corner wardrobe cabinet

A corner cabinet can be designed or chosen according to your needs. For example, you can opt for full height structures that feature only tubular steel carriers, with shelves on which you can store clothes, accessories, and boxes for storing clothes or items. Another solution is to choose a closed cabinet, wood or steel, as if it were a wardrobe. A wardrobe, even when it is small, allows you to take advantage of the interior space much more than a traditional wardrobe.

In fact, the corners are more accessible, while the shelves can be mounted at full height, even up to the ceiling, to contain, for example, seasonal box boxes. With the open modules, the footprint is even smaller, with neither the shoulders nor the cabinet doors. In the photo: Giessegi model 01, elegant corner cabinet with wall mounts, brown tubes and pillowcase, shelves, shelves, drawer units and friday sand grills, brown frame and reflex glass.

Published on Sep 14, 2017 | Cat: Interior | By Lisa
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