How to decorate the bedroom

Decorating the bedroom: advice

From space to night-time, the modern bedroom now assumes different values and functions, from rest to simple reading a book, just relaxing. For this very reason, the furniture and furniture that are embedded in it are also modified to assume new connotations and new functions. Beds and bedside tables take on essential, minimalist designs, with the ever more careful and sophisticated design, wardrobe cabinets where possible disappear to leave space for large and comfortable walk-in closets, often closed and divided only by lightly obscured or totally transparent glasses.

In some cases, you can put in the night space an en-suite bathroom with a bathtub to enjoy all the well-being and relaxation of modern night areas: the soft and modern shapes of essential design will complete the night’s best night’s sleep in the best of the ways.

The beds of the bedroom

The bedroom furniture in the furnishings are always and in any case covered with beds: there are many types to choose from, from the design. Embossed solutions and important design can be characterized by cabinets underneath the mattress network: functional solutions that save space by taking advantage of it best. Be careful, however, not to put the padded storage beds in too small spaces: they could make the room too full and load. Better in this case prefer essential beds with minimal design, with a raised, raised structure from the ground, in order to make the linearity and formal cleanliness the best.

Bedroom colors

To complete a night space is important not only to look at the furnishings: so there is some advice on how to decorate the bedroom with the colors. First, it is good to evaluate the space available, the size of the room and the presence of windows, and what quantity and distribution: it is very important to know that light and bright tones multiply space, while dark and strong colors reduce it percutively.

Also, the choice of floor coverings is essential to assess the preference of wall tones in combination with furnishings: a very clear floor will require as much brightness throughout space, from walls to furnishings to avoid feelings of oppression. When the floor is dark, it is possible to approach light and medium tones or to dive with some stronger color. If you ask how to decorate the bedroom, the advice is to relate the strength of the color to the intensity of the natural light present to avoid overcooking and oppressive environments.

Bedroom furniture

How to decorate the bedroom? Starting from the awareness that the conception of this home environment has changed over time. Nowadays, it is not just a room where to sleep or rest, but a place to spend some time in a series of relaxing and rejuvenating activities. In her room she reads, she looks at TV, she is also dedicated to small domestic work like sewing or other hobbies. It is therefore necessary to have an armchair that is solid, comfortable, combined with other furnishing elements or intentionally contrasting to personalize style. The commercial proposals touch the infinity, the advice is to focus on comfort and on a product that combines aesthetics with functionality. It is appropriate that the body position remains correct even after a few hours. In the picture, Flexform’s Isabel armchair is covered in precious dark leather and is fitted with soft light cushions. The backrest is made of a metal shell that extends to form the arms folding out to the ends, creating a small fold in leather that resembles an origami. The seat cushion is covered in brown velvet.

Furnish bedroom

In the bedroom there must be decorative elements with good containment capacity. Current trends go far beyond cabinets. Of course, the latter are always perfected thanks to the most innovative technology and capture the attention thanks to a charismatic design as fascinating. However, there are other solutions for organizing and arranging everyday and non-daily items. If, on the one hand, the pants are fashionable, if the poufs with containers are a strategic and increasingly widespread presence, if the beds themselves often make the most of the underlying space available, then the market also proposes other Types of Original and Functional Furniture. And in some cases these are compositions in all respects, designed in the spirit of stylistic harmony and efficiency. In the picture Pianca Logos, family of containers designed to furnish the sleeping area and designed in conjunction with the Calvi & Brambilla studio. Tribute to Bruno Munari the front of the modules, a composition of staggered and overlapping elements characterized by different colors. The front surface is three-dimensional and allows access to the inside.

Bedroom furniture

Decorating the bedroom also means paying close attention to accessories, accessories, small items, and details. Curtains, rugs, paintings, wall clocks, decorations of various types play a leading role in defining style and creating a personalized, welcoming and familiar atmosphere. Those who choose the minimalist mood reduce all these “attitudes” to the minimum, it is true, but certainly does not completely cancel them. Indeed, the selection becomes even tougher in the name of “less is more”. Few but good. Just one carpet is enough to get results from ten and praise. As far as the matches are concerned, there are two ways to choose: the one that goes in the direction of maximum chromatic equilibrium and the one that otherwise rhymes with “rupture”, “contrast”, in order to ensure a significant impact. In the picture Illulian’s Flamingos rug, presented in absolute preview during the 2017 edition of the Salone del Mobile. It belongs to the Design Collection, characterized by modern, minimalist, floral and geometric designs, which recall the latest trends in fashion; is a homage to an animal, synonymous with elegance and sophistication, reflected not only in design but also in the choice of delicate pink shades. Flamingos is knotted by hand, according to the oldest craftsmanship techniques, and made of pure silk and wool with plant colors.

How to Decorate Your Bedroom: Decorate Modern Bedroom

The d├ęcor of the bedroom is based on some specific words: essence, elegance, functionality and comfort. Aesthetics is fundamental, but the other requirements are no less. Because this is the home environment in which to regain all of its intimacy and regenerate from every point of view. Go through the excesses, because in the long run they can give you a sense of restlessness. Not to the over-lit colors and bizarre furniture. In medium stat viruses. Or let’s put it this way: better off than add. But without sacrificing any sort of thing. The dry and slim forms will not tire you and they will never disappoint you. In the photo Victorian Lema bed, textile model with solid structure. It has an almost royal appearance, inspired by the stylistics of the past, which in turn are discounted by a contemporary design. To strongly characterize the design, the head slightly curved to the sides to gently accommodate the mattress, embellished with stitched center stitching.

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