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Modern Ikea bedrooms

The Ikea bedrooms are conceived not only as places to sleep: the bed, of course, is always the focal point, but space is designed to live together. In addition, according to the Ikea philosophy, it is also possible to create small private spaces in shared areas, for example, for ceiling curtains, using fitted walls, using more furniture, textiles and so on.
It is thus possible to add privacy to the room, with a simple gesture, as with the curtains and textiles hung on the ceiling. As far as the beds are concerned, the ones with containers located below allow you to keep bedding and other items in order. Ikea also offers the opportunity to choose kitchen and mattresses suited to their resting habits. If they do not work for our sleep style, you can change it!

In the 2017 catalog, Ikea bedrooms are also offered in rough wood to create a “personalized room”. But what is the assumption? Raw wood allows you to express your own creativity because you can paint it to your liking with your favorite colors. And then it does not cost much. More and more small spaces are subtly divided according to the various activities that take place: Ikea in the new catalog even separates the bed from the studio area using ribbons ranging from ceiling to headboard.
Not to mention linen, used as a true decorative element: in a picture of the new catalog, a white duvet cover becomes a “victim” of art attacks, which is filled with spray-graffiti effect. In short, the nightclub of the Ikea novel is very “young” and full of informal ideas and riders to indicate “lived” and never aseptic environments.

Ikea bedrooms furniture prices

To wake up and get ready for a new day, you need the right bed: big enough to allow you to stretch yourself comfortably and equally comfortable. A solution is also needed to keep all that you need at your fingertips, so you do not have to get out of bed once you are in bed.
The Ikea bedrooms are designed to last for a long time, in a style that reflects the tastes of customers’ tastes and always with good value for money. Double bed facilities have variable prices, for example Duken’s facility is proposed at 159 euros while Nordli at 209 euros. The Musken series of bedroom furniture, which includes 2 bedside tables, 4 drawers chest of drawers, bed frame and 2-door wardrobe costs 486.90 euros in total. In short, prices are always quite affordable for good design and comfort.

Ikea bedroom ideas

Original furniture, dust collectors, accessories, satin bedding: Ikea bedrooms are warm and cozy thanks to these interesting options, which make them personalized. Mobiles are often versatile and multi-tasking and allow you to pass day by night in a blink of an eye.
Much importance is given to the curtains, which help to adjust the light to favor a good sleep, adding more privacy, style and energy to their original motives. Not to mention duvets and duvet covers: at more affordable prices, with their unusual colors and motifs, they make the night area cheerful and captivating. All these accessories allow to carry a rejuvenating and harmonious atmosphere to the sleeping area.

Ikea Bed Catalog

Even if you do not need a complete room, the best solution is to take a look at the Ikea catalog, in fact, the company’s proposals are many and all are presented at low prices.
The ikea bed frames respond to the needs of comfortable beds and at the same time functional; In fact, there are also models that have comfortable underfloor chests, which provide a very useful accessory space in today’s compact homes.
The big advantage, then, is that it is possible to carry furniture on your own home and install them autonomously, thanks to the instructions that are attached to any furniture, thus avoiding additional costs for transportation and assembly.
If you do not have a fair amount of money, Ikea also offers the option of renting a home-made home delivery or, if you do not go out, you can buy directly from the Swedish company website and receive your furniture home , paying a contribution for shipping costs.

Ikea Bedrooms, Original and Cheap Bedrooms: Ikea Beds

Looking at the Ikea bedding catalog you can see how wide the Swedish company’s offer is; if you want to evaluate the best solution for your room from home, you can access the website of the brand, where the beds are divided by type, including double beds, single beds, beds with beds, loft beds and bunk beds. The latter two typologies are designed to provide customers with practical and convenient solutions even when available space is limited. One of the double matrimonial double bedrooms is the Stora bed, a structure made of solid pine and available in white or black finish at a price of 249 euros. For those looking for a double bed, the choice is vast, starting from one of the most famous beds, the Malm model, configurable with the option of adding drawers in the classic version or with a container for maximum customization, up to models with Padded head, such as Gressvik, with a container, or classic beds, such as the Brusali series or the Hemnes bed. This latter model is available both in the classical size of 160×200 cm and in the French one of 140×200 cm; is made of solid pine wood treated with mordant that emphasizes the beauty of the wood. It is on sale at the price of 266,00 euro.

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