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Colombini children’s bedrooms

The Colombini children’s bedrooms are the reference for all those who want to buy quality furniture for their children’s room with the certainty that this furniture will accompany the child up to its adolescence. For this reason, and to satisfy the many different tastes, Colombini has created different lines of children’s bedrooms, each with its specific features.

There is, therefore, the Golf line, suitable for younger kids; the Eresem line, cheerful and colorful; Arcadia with the most classic lines; the Target, also this for the most dwarves and the most squared lines; finally Baby, reserved for infants.

All the lines share great attention to detail and design, but also the robustness of the materials used and the utmost attention to the safety of children that is made through the use of small details that make the difference, such as rounded corners or the bars to the bunk beds. With Colombini’s dressing rooms, the rooms are decorated with taste and safety.

Colombini bedroom prices

Prices in the Colombini camerettes do not have to be the first element of evaluation. Indeed, those who buy a Colombini bedroom make it for the peculiarity of the style and the high quality of the furnishings but certainly not to cover the costs. In fact, the company’s little bedrooms are worth the cost and therefore prices can of course not be considered low-cost.

For example, a bridge bedroom in the Target line (pictured) can cost around 2500 euros, but the cost obviously varies depending on the line you choose.

There are some models – such as the classic Arcadia line – whose cost can safely exceed 4500 euros. One positive aspect of these bedrooms, however, is to have modular products for which composition, finishing and cost can be defined by the customer himself. In this way, the budget can also be respected without affecting the quality of what you buy.

Colombini baby room

The Colombini children’s bedrooms are the best you can buy for your children’s room. The views of those who have already bought them are the proof of what has just been said. Customers are, above all, satisfied with the quality of the raw materials used for furniture making. But this is not the only aspect for which the parents – and their children – choose the Colombini camerettes.

In fact, very appreciated is also the maximum security that is used in the making of furnishings. Especially with regard to the baby line, dedicated to newborns, the company puts in place all the tools to ensure maximum safety for children who will use it.

For example, the paints used for color are always non-toxic, the corners of the furniture are beveled to prevent accidental killing of children causing wounds, furniture and drawers always have safety stops to prevent them from dropping in case of use improper on the part of the small. And the colors? Always the most current ones, suitable for both feminine and males.

The line of Colombini Golf bedrooms is the one dedicated to the younger kids or the children who will be accompanied by this room until after the adolescence. And with Colombini it is possible because the furniture is designed to last forever.
The line is characterized by a more serious and linear furniture style, but never forget that furniture is nevertheless intended for children and young people. In this series, the beds are almost always a square and a half to allow for more comfortable sleep and there is always room for a desk and library in the room to ensure an optimal study environment. The cabinets are also very spacious so they can keep clothes and accessories in order.
As for the colors, the Golf series are more serious but never sad. Space, therefore, with bright colors such as orange, blue or green but also yellow and blue. The bedrooms of the Colombini Golf line can be sold either in the single version or in the one with two or more beds.

Classic Colombine chambers

It is a line that seems stolen in ancient times and is intended for a predominantly female audience.
In the line Arcadia, in fact, the style is the classic – round and bumpy – from the princess. The beds are often in wrought iron or solid wood with columns on the four sides. It is not uncommon that they are topped by veils and curtains almost as if creating a kind of canopy. Chests of drawers, cupboards and bedside tables also recall the rococo and baroque style and the predominant color is almost always ecru or white, adding some detail of color that makes it a bit more modern.

In the Arcadia line you can find predominantly single children’s rooms but you can also buy your favorite model with the addition of the bridge bed. Finally, some models even allow the insertion of the cullet: as the baby grows to be changed it will only be the bed and not the entire furniture.

Colombini Chairs Catalogs

For the Colombini children’s rooms, the catalog is the benchmark for starting the evaluation not only of the quality of the product but also of the preferred model.
The catalog on-line – but it can also be printed on paper – offers a wide range of products that the company offers to its customers. In the catalog there are both blocked and modular compositions that, on the other hand, can be adapted to the space available to the customer.

By carefully browsing the catalog you will be able to make a first sorting of the many models produced so as to arrive at the store with the clearest ideas.
This operation, in fact, is crucial because the styles to choose from are really many and there is a risk of having literally the embarrassment of choice! Finally, in the online catalog, you can also know the color variants of each model as the different combinations are proposed with a detailed technical sheet.

The Colombini’s modern and quality bedrooms: Colombini bedroom

The quality of the Colombini camerette propositions is the result of a multi-year experience that began in 1965. Over time, the group has been able to carve out an important space in the home and bedroom furniture market, designed to ensure the perfect union of style, functionality, ergonomics and excellent durability, certainly not secondary when you decide to buy a bedroom that will be used to accompany the growth of your children. Just to meet the different needs of children and teenagers, the range of models of Colombini’s bedrooms is wide and articulated, starting from the Baby line for the little ones to reach the most famous Golf, without forgetting the classic Arcadia series, the Target line the colorful Eresem. This line is very interesting as it is presented as the entry level, designed to guarantee the brand’s quality at a lower cost than other configurations. The Eresem bedroom uses materials similar to those of other collections, but there are some limitations that allow it to be bought at a lower price, such as the more square and square lines and the use of external screws, which remain so visible on the sides of the structure. However, they are also very good sized bedrooms, also available in space versions such as deckchairs or those with bunk beds.

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