Ikea curtains, a solution for every environment

In the offer of home tents, the strengths of the Swedish company Ikea are definitely the affordable price, but also an accurate design that allows every type of customer to find the ideal model to finish with taste and convenience every room in your home.
From the living room to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the kids’ bedroom, from the bathroom to the outside, there is no space where the Swedish colossus fabrics are not able to bring comfort and original touch. The variety of models offered in the store is very wide, with different colors and materials, so you will not be able to find the right tent for your home. Affordable prices do not preclude quality and you will be able to buy nice and colorful solutions, keeping an eye on your budget.

Ikea curtains to roll

Among the Ikea curtains one of the most versatile models is the one of the panel, a type of tent that can be used not only on windows and balconies, but also as partition instead of a wall or a door. The panel models of the group have a very minimal style and stylish colors: the Anno Sanela collection (15,99 euro) offers monochrome solutions in brown, gray and beige tones, while Lappljung Rand (12,99 euro) presents a cheerful multicolored striped horizontal motif. The Lill net curtain (3.50 euros) is a green panel curtain with a very thin fabric and is therefore ideal for leaving the outside light in the house. Always on the panel, Ullastina (4,99 euros) is a trendy, trendy model that draws inspiration from the vintage decades of the 1970’s, as it offers optic motifs in different colors that are perfect for matching contemporary furnishings and pieces of modernism.
Even roller models have a very basic design and they are wrapped around themselves: one of the most interesting models is Eivor (20,99 euros) with its cheerful fantasy in blue on a white background that makes it ideal even for the room of the most little ones. Along with the roller shutter system, instead, Emmie (20.99 euro) is a white monochrome model that remembers linen solutions of the past: perfect for all the rooms in the house and adapted to match any type of furnishing.

Curtains by Ikea

In the vast collection of Ikea curtains, there are also more classic designs such as bracelet and sticks, available in both modern design and a more traditional style.

For example, the Country and Romantic country house is perfect for the Ikea Vilborg curtain model (44.90 euro) with a thick beige color weave that will allow you to match it with decorated furniture or cushions. A very interesting variant is the Ingmarie Curtain (39.99 Euro) with a fancy on small flowers on a white background: ideal for combining classical furnishings or furnishing the house to the sea. Very essential and discreet, and suitable for both traditional and modern environments, are the proposals with a bracelet from the Sanela collection (69.90 euros): this is a simple, refined monochrome model that Ikea proposes in the colors turquoise, beige, gray, lilac and dark brown.

Ikea children curtains

Even in the children’s room the curtains are an important complement: they protect the light and decorate the room. When choosing this accessory, make sure that the material with which it is made is easy to wash and that it is easy to hang. Safety is paramount when it comes to the smaller ones; therefore, it is best to avoid models with detachable and ingenable applications if the children are small.

As for the colors, we recommend opting for light shades and light textured fabrics, which favor the entrance of natural light into the room. The pastel colors, from pink to lilac, will be appreciated by girls; for boys, instead, you can opt for the celestial or the nuances of green.

Many of the solutions offered by Ikea curtains also for children’s small children. Practical and colorful proposals to decorate your little girls with a touch of color if your budget is low. So many fantasies available, all already fitted with hem and practical tear-straps to hang them very easily.

Ikea package curtains

Among the many models of Ikea curtains you can also find interesting package proposals, a very popular type in modern homes, thanks to its linearity and ease of use, allowing it to be opened by means of a wire mechanism that allows to lift the curtain folding on itself.

In this way it is very easy to take advantage of the amount of light you prefer. The Ringblomma have a classic and modern design at the same time as they are made of a white cloth that can fit in any environment. In this case, the opening is not guided by a wire system but by another methodology, which consists of a series of horizontal magnetic rods that support the underlying part of the curtain so that you can choose the amount of light which you need. Like other company items, this solution is also affordable, since 80×160 cm is for sale less than 15.00 euros.

Curtains Stics Ikea

A curtain should be carefully chosen not only the type of fabric and its imagination, but also the support that will support it. If you are going to work for the sticks for the tent, they will have to be purchased so that they fit well into the furnishing style of the room. Not only the fabric of a curtain, but also its support must be chosen with care. The tent, in addition to having the important function of securing privacy inside the house and shading the sunlight, becomes a furniture accessory. Based on the type of fabric in which it is made and its size, it will require sticks and supports that can support its weight.

Ikea proposes tents and sticks to support and hang them of various kinds to offer the right idea for hanging it to every tent. Bars and tracks for solutions of any length to fit the walls even thanks to the corner joints. Sticks for sticks satisfy tastes and personal styles.

Fabrics for Ikea curtains

Determining the quality and aesthetics of a tent is first of all the fabric with which it is made. to choose the most suitable one, we recommend that you consider the style of your home and the type of activity you will be doing in the various premises where you will place the curtains. These factors will depend on the consistency, composition, fantasy and colors of the fabric of the curtain.

There are different types of fabric suitable for interior tents: natural, such as linen, cotton, silk or hemp, or synthetic such as polyester, from the original effects to the best of the environment.

Synthetic yarns provide quicker maintenance, while the natural ones require more care and gentle washings, although they are of the highest quality. Usually, however, curtain texts combine natural and synthetic yarns; the composition can be deduced from the information on the product label. Be careful to avoid fabrics that give a look similar to the more precious ones, but a significantly lower cost: in time they will be delivered and probably the curtains, once hung, will not guarantee the effect you want. In the Ikea Curtain catalog, there are several footwear fabrics that are perfect for creating color combinations and fantasies between full bed and room tents.

Ikea outdoor blinds

The wide range of products available in the Swedish company catalog allows you to have a wide range of tent designs to choose the best solution for your home interior. As far as outdoor curtains are concerned, Ikea does not include classic fall patterns, but a line named Dyning, which allows you to choose between two different models of curtain tents, one of a rectangular shape and the other triangular, which can be hanging with straps, so that they have horizontal sun protection, thanks to the fabric that offers great UV protection, which are locked up to 95%. The rectangular version measures 300×200 cm and is sold with 6 carabiners, 3 springs and a 15 m rope. The triangular version, however, measures 415×360 cm and has 3 carabiners, 3 springs and 10 mt of wire. The fabric can be washed in a washing machine at 60 ° C. All 2 versions are available for sale at 29.99 euros.

Ikea Curtains creative ideas

Do you want to personalize your stay but do not want to spend a fortune? Here are some ideas on how to make original curtains. From Ikea you can buy sewing fabrics yourself in a simple and accessible way. You will thus realize tents that will leave so much light in the living room and will also give you personality to the environment.

First of all, here’s what you need: sticks and rings to hang curtains and, of course, the fabric for your curtains, which you can choose from among the various Ikea curtain proposals: you can buy it by the meter according to the size of your windows. From ikea the range of solid or printed fabrics is really vast. And if you miss the accessories (scissors, needles, thread) in the store you will find everything you need!

To decide on the right size of the fabric you are buying, consider that the tents have standard heights of 150, 200, 250 and 300. Choose between them the height closest to that of your window and, before cutting the fabric, consider also the presence of the upper rim, which will be folded and sewn. To calculate the required width, multiply the width of your window by three.

And now, at work! Begin sewing the side lips, bending 2 cm of piece by piece, stretch the lips so that they are well planed and sew with the aid of the sewing machine.

How to make the top edge? It all depends on the kind of suspension that you will adopt. You could choose to apply ribbons to tie to the stick, or make a riveted rim with a double seam on the upper edge of the fabric to create the seat where you stick the stick. In this case, calculate for the fabric a double width with respect to the length of the stick, to obtain a good curvature of the curtain.

Ikea curtains, a solution for any environment: Ikea panel curtains

Ikea Curtain Catalog also includes several panel models. Originally created for offices and general working environments, panel curtains are now increasingly present in home interiors. They have a minimalist vocation, they are essential and linear, but decorate with discretion and elegance. They are also suitable for large windows and windows, the aesthetic performance is very satisfactory and the functionality is guaranteed by the ability to use very wide panels. This type of curtain can be constituted not only by one but also by several panels, which slide on guide channels by opening sideways or centrally; At the bottom of the tent is placed, in a fabric pocket, an aluminum bar that serves to ensure a correct fall. The opening of the tent can be manual, rope, wand or motorized. In order to realize the panel curtains, a smaller amount of fabric is needed than curled curtains; being occupied with little space both closed and open, in some cases hiding the bins of the fixtures and allow you to choose the degree of light at any time of the day. They are mounted and dismantled easily, so cleaning is not a problem at all. In the picture the polyester tent of the Ikea Akerkulla collection, price 14.99 euro. “I was inspired by the designer Eva Lundgreen – at weddings that were celebrated in the Swedish countryside, uncoordinated textiles, delicate summer flowers, and so on. The memory of the old wreaths and medallions that appeared on my grandparents’ wooden wall paintings are other elements that have contributed to the development of the fantasies of this series, as well as heavy silk quilts and china for my breakfast grandmother”. Tent dimensions: 60×300 cm. It is washable in the washing machine and can also be used on the table as a runner. It is also necessary to purchase a pack of media. The tapping stick allows you to adjust the position of the tent more easily.

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