Decorate with bedroom curtains

Types of curtains

To furnish the bedroom it is important to insert the right furniture but not only: the complements and textiles are also essential to make the most of space. When chosen with aesthetic, compositional and functional criteria, they can complete the space best by fulfilling the function for which they have been inserted and furnished with elegance.

There are different types of curtains that can be installed in a night space: from traditional solutions to stick to special window or tents, from both modern and classic aesthetics, the roller elements allow the rewinding the curtain on a roller, or again, to package solutions. The choice must be made according to the needs, according to style and in relation to the convenience of use.

Different types of materials can be distinguished from the tents, with a distinction between natural and synthetic. Natural materials are characterized by liners, cottons, and natural fibers in general: they can be in natural raw or processed to obtain finer fabrics. They can be colored or characterized by different textures and decorations to obtain modern or more traditional curtains, depending on the decor.

Synthetic materials, on the other hand, are those of artificial fibers, such as polyesters and acrylics. These materials have the peculiarity of not having to be stretched because otherwise they will be damaged, light and can make transparent and impalpable solutions, but sewing is still more difficult.

Type and style bedroom curtain

How to define and choose the style of bedroom curtains? Here is some suggestion: for a modern and minimalist environment, a textured textile solution for the windows, in solid colors, in bright colors or in gray tones, with decorations missing or geometric and stylized and always in line with the rest of textiles, pillows or armchairs.
For classical spaces, however, you can choose curtains from soft, fluffy fabrics that create pleasingly curved, full-height drapery solutions, pleasingly gathered with ribbons and flakes for light. In classic environments the colors come back to a few colors of ecru, cream, dirty and yellowish tones: the decorations are characterized by floral motifs and pleasing nuances.

In some classic solutions from the shabby influx you can find pastel tapestries with greenish, yellowish and lilac colors, pleasantly in contrast to the furnishings.

Decorate with curtains

Very often it tends to neglect the fact that it can be furnished with curtains, giving priority to other complements and relegating the function of the curtains to the sole task of ensuring the right shielding from the sun’s rays and the necessary privacy; nothing more wrong. By choosing the right fabrics, in fact, you will be able to give the room a more complete environment and also the furnishings will be enhanced by the presence of curtains of a certain quality. It is not necessary to adopt very worked fabrics and even if you love the modern or linear style it will be useful to pay attention to the models that you will choose. In this way the bedroom will become a comfortable and cozy place to find the right rest.

To choose the curtains for a modern bedroom it is useful to keep in mind some little advice that will allow you to give a unique and unmistakable style to the room. First, the choice of fabric may vary, but to achieve the desired style, it will be important to avoid too colorful prints or flowers that will give a more rustic and country characterization. It is better to choose light colors or lit that I recall some complements in the room, giving a uniform tone to the set. On the market there are many models of modern curtains and it is not essential to have high budgets available to furnish your home with modern taste. The important thing is to choose fabrics that match the rest of the furnishings and complement it in the best way.

Classic bedroom curtains

Not everyone loves the modern style that, in recent times, goes to the greatest as a mood for the choice of furnishings and home accessories; there are also those who prefer classic and traditional solutions, perhaps combined with antique or style furnishings, for the decoration of a refined and elegant room.

In this case, of course, modern curtains are certainly not the perfect complement to this type of furniture; it is therefore necessary to choose different types of tent, capable of completing the furnishing best. In such an environment it is advisable to arrange curled curtains, made of rich and elaborate fabrics, perhaps with gold-tone ornaments, highly appreciated for classical and opulent environments. For those who prefer a more sober style, it will be more appropriate to avoid too elaborate fabrics, preferring classic cotton, worked with wise curls and adding overlapping mantunts to characterize the opening.

Decorating with curtains: a challenging task, but it can give you great satisfaction from many points of view. Tents play a key role in all the environments of the house, giving them style and personality. For the bedroom they represent not only a great value added from the aesthetic point of view, but also a valuable privacy tool. It is good, therefore, that they are obscuring at the right point, that is, that they do not darken the room but at the same time protect them from prying eyes. Usually velvet is used for classic bedrooms while linen and synthetic fibers are more suitable for modern ones. In many cases, darkening curtains are placed on a secondary track, often overlapping the daylight. Again, in the case of modern furniture lace, lace and classic decorations should be avoided; free, instead, for geometric, floral, stylized fantasies. And for the dyed shades. The shape of the model, of course, also affects the shape of the windows. For small windows, any type of curtain can be fine, for larger ones it is preferable to opt for two or more units (or panels) to facilitate opening. As for the colors, it is also worth considering, in addition to the style of furnishings, the painting of the walls and the dimensions of the environment itself. If space does not lack, the shades of the walls can be “broken” visually with colorful fabrics and fantasies; if the size is reduced, the curtains of the same color on the walls are recommended.

Bedroom Curtain design ideas

Curtains can greatly contribute to enhancing the bedroom. And especially with regard to the rooms furnished with modern taste, there is plenty of freedom about the colors. Much in vogue are sugar paper, beige, color tortuous; you can also opt for brighter shades such as red, which blends perfectly with the white walls. Even the pastel shades make their effect, especially the ancient rose and green sage. Yellow and orange are the colors of energy, creativity and good humor; they go well in the kitchen and living room, a little less in the bedroom because they could disturb sleep and relaxation. Violet and lilac instead calm down, but be careful: an excess could embellish the environment and predispose to melancholy. There are those who prefer fancy prints, but be careful not to create a lazy environment. For a minimalist room, however, you can go safe on the timeless white curtains. Better long ones, because they give more elegance and refinement; On the other hand, it is also true that in smaller environments the short ones are preferable, both because they give a feeling of greater airiness and because they allow to arrange a piece of furniture along the wall piece below. We also recommend the simplest installation, consisting of a simple wrought iron or wood stick, with well visible but discreet rings. The mantovans have now been set, including dust and mildew.

Decorating with bedroom curtains: Bedroom Curtains 1856

The bedroom is the homely environment dedicated to intimacy and rest; many choose to give it total protection from the sun’s rays, because only with the darkest fullness they can enjoy a good sleep. There are commercially available curtain models that can replace the traditional darkening systems with minimal footprint. Perfectly adhering to the window thanks to special installation systems, they can be mounted directly on the chassis, in the compartment, in the recesses, in the front or in the ceiling. Fast and easy to install, roller blinds are among the most popular models that can be completely covered by the outside light thanks to the side guides that allow for perfect sliding and at the same time retreat in a blink of an eye. Modern, design and available in various colors and materials, they also come with manual, electrical or even solar power systems. Package tents are also a great way to furnish the bedroom with class, discretion and convenience. They allow you to create impressive atmospheres, playing with different colors and styles, from minimal to japanese. They are also perfect for children’s and young children’s rooms: with their flexibility they follow the movements of the sun, shield them from its rays or otherwise lighten up. One last tip: play with the curtains. Abandon the idea of ​​perfect matching between curtains, bedspreads and armchair cushions. Just point to the harmonious contrasts that can enhance your room and more accurately reflect your personal tastes. You share, keeping away any excess. And let yourself be advised by a professional in the industry regarding typology, color and fabric.

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