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Ikea tables

There is no living room that respects without a coffee table. In addition to being decorative and complementary to the room, it is also very functional for moments of pure relaxation and for your study, work and leisure needs, but also as a support for a lamp or an ornament. If your stay has a minimal style like those in the Nordic style or is very modern, there are some Ikea tables made for this type of environment. They are coordinated with the rest of the furniture and are provided with practical shelves for arranging books and other objects. Some, in fact, are called ‘container tables’ for their own prerogative. For example, one of the cheapest is the Lack table available in different colors and equipped with a shelf to support any small object.

Ikea glass coffee table

If you have special furniture requirements and your stay requires glass coordinates, Ikea offers several solutions. The most elegant tablecloth is Klingsbo with its delicate mesh metal mesh serving as a countertop and the upper transparent glass surface. Rectangular with curved feet, will add a touch of class to your stay. If you prefer a round shaped table, VITTSJĂ– is the one for you. Always equipped with shelves for books and magazines, it is made of metal and glass. It is also available in the nice version of set of two tables. If you want a table that can also be used as a cart, Strind, equipped with three wheels and a shelf, can also be used to transport drinks from the kitchen to the living room.

Classic style ikea coffee table

For those who love elegance and classicity, Ikea has provided a really nice table and sinuous shapes. Isala is the name of this refined complement of furniture with four legs bent and equipped with anti-scratch pads. The round shaped table has a convenient silent and automatic sliding tray ideal for storing remote controls and stationery. It lends itself to different uses and is entirely made of beech and pine wood. Available in white. Detail and vague pirate flavor, the Hol table. The shape resembles that of a trunk and in it it is possible to store several objects including toys. It is entirely made of solid acacia wood and the color is natural wood. Ideal for rustic holidays and perfect for use in colonial-style environments.

Container tables

The latest Novelty Ikea tableware is the brand new and innovative PS 2014. This is a table ideal for modern and colorful living areas. This product has the peculiar feature of having different shelves of various colors to store so many objects so that they never have disorderly environments. It is also available in white and includes different models: just change the cover! The range of tables is, of course, much wider and also includes tables with glass top tops such as the Liatorp table, made of metal or pure wood like the refined Norden birch, with a beautiful dark color and also used as a mini buffet . The colors, usually, are the natural wood colors in full respect of nature and the environment.

kea tables are available in different styles, easily coordinated with any type of sofa, armchair, living room furniture. The company always combines a satisfactory quality with a good deal of practicality and a pleasing design. Modern, contemporary or more classic. To put remote controls, a book, magazines, cups of tea or coffee: Ikea tables are indispensable and precious furnishing accessories. As far as the Ikea catalog is concerned, the proposals are rather small. From those rounded to square and rectangular ones, from solid wood to chipboard ones, from wheelchairs to those with ribs, there is a real embarrassment to choice. Also in reference to colors and finishes. If the room is tastefully furnished, it is advisable to orient yourself towards the Nornas collection, in solid wood that, if desired, can also be painted, oiled or treated with stain; those who prefer the most modern mood will find the Lack line unquestionably interesting. With regard to prices, the scissors are wide: the cheapest model costs only 5.99 euros, the most expensive model comes to 199 euros. Whatever the available budget, the purchase will be possible. In the picture the Hemnes coffee table, price 59.99 euro. It is solid wood; the separate shelf for magazines helps to organize and use the available space better. Dimensions: length 55 cm, width 55 cm, height 50 cm. Designer Carina Bengs.

Ikea tables can be placed anywhere in the living area. If they are very small and placed next to the couch or an armchair, they become a surface for some books or newspapers but also for the fixed telephone. If larger, they perfectly complement the relaxed corner with sofas, armchairs and even a large and cozy carpet. Some models are almost “battle”, very durable and are very easy to clean (a damp cloth and a little neutral detergent are enough); others, for example those with a glass shelf, play a more important role in design, but of course they have to be treated more carefully (and kept away from the smallest …). In order to reach the perfect choice, the advice is to focus on your needs and tastes first, so look at the Ikea’s all available tables and find the most suitable ones also in relation to the combination with the other elements of furniture. Mark all the names and go to the point of sale to see each product in person. In picture the Vejmon coffee table, price 119,90 euro. The top and the shelf are chipboard with ash veneer, the leg is in solid beechwood with ash veneer. This product also has a special space for magazines. Dimensions: diameter 90 cm, height 47 cm.

Wheelchairs are chosen more and more often for the living area, especially if the style is framed in one of many modern or contemporary declinations. This is because the table with the wheels performs all the functions of a normal table but at the same time serves as a carriage (so useful if lunches are organized with friends and relatives) and can be moved easily from one point to another . If we want, it also contributes to somehow changing the overall effect of furniture. Also because Ikea never neglects the aesthetic impact. Or, if necessary, you can take it with a few moves to another room if you need it. Once you appreciate the effectiveness of this solution, it will be really difficult to go back. In the picture the table Strind, price 119,90 euro. The base is made of steel and nickel plated, the shelf and the floor are tempered glass and glazed enamel. Dimensions: diameter 75 cm, height 40 cm. Maximum load: 15 kg.

Ikea tables for the living room: Ikea table

Ikea small table Small, smaller, tall or base, characterized by a modern or more classic look: Ikea tables are so many. For the purchase, therefore, we must strive for attention, patience and a certain critical spirit. It is also important to establish in advance the use that will be made of the product in question; will it be mainly a cupboard and cupboard for newspapers and magazines, or is it necessary to place a beautiful lamp and create a perfect reading angle? Will it have a purely aesthetic function or do you need to have a concrete result first and foremost from a functional point of view? Do you need a model with an underlying space, then additional, or is it the essence that goes hand in hand with the minimum footprint? Answer these questions, so focus on style. The advice is always to choose a coffee table that matches the other furnishing elements; Being eclectic does not hurt, for charity, however, you run the risk of getting a confusing result. So act with caution, from this point of view. In picture the black and transparent Klingsbo coffee table, price 29,99 euro. The top frame, frame, shelf and leg are made of steel with pigmented epoxy / polyester powder coating; the top panel is tempered glass. Dimensions: diameter 49 cm, height 60 cm.

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